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ANJAC HEALTH & BEAUTY strengthens its expertise in premium cosmetics with the acquisition of Pascual Cosmetics

Industrial group Anjac Health & Beauty announces the acquisition of Pascual Cosmétiques, specialized in lipstick and liquid make-up (foundation, gloss, eyeshadow, nail polish). A growing family business, Pascual Cosmétiques has high ambitions. In 2017, it recorded sales of €6 million, a result that has tripled in three years. This latest operation enables Anjac Health & Beauty to strengthen its expertise in premium cosmetics, six months after the acquisition of Aircos, a leader in high-end make-up powder. The group now offers a complete industrial offering in the make-up field, becoming a French benchmark in Europe.

Anjac Health & Beauty further accelerates its development

The group consolidates its expertise in the make-up sector and once again relies on French industrial quality. The acquisition of Pascual Cosmétiques comes just a few months after the integration of Aircos, the SME which had enabled the group to position itself in this sector. Anjac Health & Beauty is now able to propose a premium industrial offer, covering the main make-up market segments.
This latest operation illustrates Anjac Health & Beauty's ability to pursue dynamic and relevant growth in the health-beauty-hygiene sectors. "The acquisition of Pascual Cosmétiques is perfectly in line with our ambition to confirm Anjac Health & Beauty's position as a major player in the European make-up market", explains Aurélien Chaufour, the Group's Managing Director, "after the acquisition of Aircos, the acquisition of Pascual Cosmétiques once again demonstrates our ability to attract key players in these sectors. It also contributes to our ambition to build a group of high value-added companies with a strong capacity for innovation".

Pascual Cosmétiques strengthens Anjac Health & Beauty's expertise in the make-up sector

With its established industrial credibility in the make-up market, Pascual Cosmétiques brings valuable know-how that complements the expertise already mastered by Anjac Health & Beauty. This will enable the group to enter the lipstick and lip stick parapharmacy segment, as well as the liquid make-up segment (foundation, gloss, eyeshadow, nail polish).
The French SME has enjoyed strong growth since the creation of its cosmetics division in 2010. The gradual diversification of its offering, combined with increased R&D activity, has enabled it to offer an increasingly comprehensive range of services. The steady rise in sales over the past three years confirms its success. In 2017, Pascual Cosmétiques acquired a new building in Ferrières-en-Brie: a 5,000m2 factory, to intensify its production, adjoining an R&D laboratory, whose surface area has been multiplied by three.

This investment also strengthens the local roots of the company, which has been based in this Seine-et-Marne town for 17 years. "Historically based in the Paris region, Pascual Cosmétiques boasts made-in-France expertise in the formulation and design of cast and liquid forms of make-up and skincare products. This expertise has been acquired thanks to the work of its CEO Simon Pascual and his employees. All these attractive assets confirmed our decision to integrate the SME into our group", underlines Aurélien Chaufour.
Pascual Cosmétiques now benefits from Anjac's support to accelerate its R&D. Encouraging the SME's capacity for innovation will be one of the Group's priorities, enabling it to reach a new stage in its development. To achieve this, the Group will be able to count on an expert, agile team of 60 scientists, who will remain fully involved in the company's development.

Founder and Managing Director Simon Pascual is stepping down to devote himself to personal projects: "I'm very proud of the work I've done to bring Pascual Cosmétiques to this level. I have always worked to position the company in growth sectors and encourage innovation. Joining Anjac Health & Beauty will enable us to further intensify our development. I'm leaving the company in good spirits. I have every confidence in the group to continue writing the history of the SME.

Grégoire Huet, currently in charge of Business Development at Anjac Health & Beauty, will take over as General Manager of Pascual Cosmétiques: "Our aim is to rapidly make Pascual Cosmétiques one of the benchmarks in make-up, by drawing on the strength of the group. The skills and dynamism of our existing teams will be essential to the success of this project.

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