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Monday, November 28, 2022
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SEPPIC launches the first nutricosmetic active ingredient dedicated to reactive skin

On the occasion of Vitafood 2018 in Geneva, Seppic is launching Sepibliss, the first nutritional active dedicated to sensitive and reactive skin.
Today 50% of the population is affected by sensitive skin problems. This phenomenon is global and growing due to multiple attacks, such as pollution, atmospheric conditions, emotional stress or eating habits. Sepibliss makes it possible to approach this problem in a new way by relieving these reactions by oral route.
Formulated in a food supplement, Sepibliss offers the advantage of soothing in a simple gesture the sensations of reactive and sensitive skin (irritation, redness,…) on the face and the whole body.

Sepibliss meets current expectations of naturalness, traceability and proximity to consumers. It is a 100% virgin coriander seed oil without additives, resulting from an eco-extraction and produced locally in the South-West of France. Sepibliss is also the first nutritional active to be the subject of dedicated studies on different mechanisms involved in skin reactivity phenomena. Its soothing activity for the skin is demonstrated on an in vitro model. This product is part of Seppic's strategy to offer innovative, natural and eco-responsible products.
Claire Notin, Nutrition Marketing Manager, declares: “We are proud to offer the first nutritional active ingredient developed specifically for sensitive skin. This launch confirms the innovative role that Seppic plays in the field of nutricosmetics, supported by our expertise in skin biology and our knowledge of the cosmetics market. ”


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