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Aptar Beauty supports its know-how with a new creation for Guerlain: the Evolux pump

High-end technology that enhances the consumer experience

Aptar Beauty, a world leader in distribution systems, is once again collaborating with Guerlain to develop a high performance and luxurious pump for its new foundation Terracotta Le Teint. 

The result of strong ties forged over the years, Aptar Beauty stands out by offering a customized service at the House: numerous tests were carried out with Guerlain's innovative formula to ensure optimal compatibility between it and the Evolux pump. 

Aptar Beauty's best-seller, the Evolux premium pump is designed for the luxury market. Its engine, also called "Alpha", is made without POM (polyoxymethylene) and is the only engine on the market perfectly adapted to the specificities of new generation formulations such as Terracotta Le Teint. 

A luxury consumer experience

For this new collaboration, the Evolux pump is adorned with an anodized metal finish that exactly matches the House's emblematic golden hue. Finely engraved on the push buttonThe double G, the brand's emblematic symbol, can be found.

Terracotta Le Teint" is the first liquid powder launched by Guerlain. Its formula, containing 95% of natural ingredients, offers 24-hour hold without transferring. Available in a wide range of 30 shades, it combines the lightness of a Terracotta powder with the perfecting power of a liquid foundation for a radiant healthy glow.

Parure Gold Skin Matte is the perfect combination of makeup and skincare for an unmatched youthful glow. With its ultra-sensorial melting texture, Parure Gold Skin Matte is formulated with 85% of rejuvenating skincare base, for a sublimated skin, application after application. Manufactured in France at the Aptar Le Neubourg site, Evolux is adorned with an anodized metal finish in the exact shade of gold emblematic of the House of Guerlain. The double G, the brand's symbol, is finely engraved on the push button - an elegant finish that complements the product's luxurious aesthetic. Terracotta Le Teint was launched in March 2023.

Patrick Bousquel, Emea Beauty Marketing Director at Aptar Beauty: "This collaboration with Guerlain has made it possible to obtain perfect compatibility between the formula and the system of distribution, preserving the integrity of the product and improving the experience consumer."

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