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Thursday February 9th, 2023
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Arcade Beauty Europe authorized for parapharmacy

Specialist in cosmetic samples and single doses, Arcade Beauty's Socoplan plant, located in Deux-Sèvres has successfully passed the tests for compliance with American and Canadian regulations, for the packaging of beauty and skincare products, falling within the scope of OTC qualification in North America. These include sun creams, make-up products containing sun filters, serum, specific skin care or anti-acne treatments, as well as other specialties, sold in pharmacies or drugstores.

Arcade Beauty Socoplan can now guarantee beauty brands regulatory compliance in the North American market following the control audit mandated this summer by the US and Canadian health authorities.

Remember that some cosmetic products are qualified in the USA and Canada, in so-called OTC ( Over the Counter ) products, drugs sold without a prescription.

Two audits were successfully passed during the summer of 2016. This regulatory control focused on the assessment of compliance with Current Good Manufacturing Practices (FDA standard in the USA and Canada standard) of all the processes. It required the collaboration and energy of all the teams on the site who were strongly involved and mobilized in this project.

Combined with the European cosmetic approval ISO 22716 from which the company already benefited, this new qualification allows Arcade Beauty Socoplan to provide brands with answers that meet their growing regulatory requirements.

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