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Biolie opens an office in Houston

Capitalizing on nearly 20 years of research on enzymatic extraction, Biolie is a French company specialized in the development of natural, active and functional ingredients for the cosmetics, nutraceutical and nutrition-health markets. Thanks to the patented enzymatic extraction technology, the products are manufactured without the use of organic solvents, in a biorefinery concept.
Each fraction of the plant is recovered as a natural ingredient or converted into energy in a "zero waste" concept. Biolie offers a "clean" alternative to traditional solvent-intensive processes for markets looking for natural, authentic, healthy products with high nutritional value on the one hand and "eco-responsible" processes on the other.

Today, Biolie is pleased to announce the official opening of its North American office in Houston, Texas. Jordan Yeboah, a technical sales engineer, will be Biolie's first US-based representative. He will be able to support companies in their projects involving natural and upcycled ingredients. This is an opportunity for the company to get closer to its current American customers and to establish new partnerships. Currently, 40% of Biolie's sales are exported, of which only 6% are in the United States. The company's intention is to develop further in the US market, the largest cosmetic market in the world, with the support of ChemSpec Ltd, Biolie's exclusive US distributor.

Biolie's new US office will promote and provide a variety of
of natural cosmetic ingredients approved and certified Cosmos, obtained via an eco-process of enzymatic extraction without solvent:
- Aqueous actives (conservation boosters, soothing, anti-pollution, anti-aging/whitening, moisturizing, antioxidants, skin repair, firming/anti-stretch mark)

- Vegetable oils (Mirabelle kernel oil, Vosges fir seed oil,
Chicory seed oil, Beech seed oil, Apricot kernel oil, Hemp seed oil)

- Natural colored oils (oils that add color to formulations with antioxidant activity)

- Active plant waters (Cosmos certified fruit extracts that can partially or totally replace water in a formulation with microbiota-friendly or antioxidant activity)

- Botanical extracts

These ranges of ingredients are based on upcycled and recovered co-products from the food industry, forestry and plant care. With the largest portfolio of upcycled cosmetic ingredients in France, Biolie's ambition is to become a worldwide reference, especially in the USA.

Specialized in co-product sourcing and ingredient development, Biolie also offers custom development without Moq.

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