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Esepac and ESP Student Challenge sponsored by Estée Lauder Companies: the winners are known

Easyfairs Oriex, organizer of Paris Packaging Weekin partnership with Esepac (European School of Packaging) and ESP (School of Perfume), organized the traditional competition between students of the two schools and unveiled the projects of this 6th edition.

On the theme of the 2021 competition "How to reinvent unique, luxurious and sustainable consumer experiences for the luxury fragrance market", students from both schools were able to work on very specific briefs at the end of the year.

This year, the challenge was sponsored by Marc Lechanoine, Global Senior Vice President Creative Design & Packaging Innovation - The Estée Lauder Companies Inc. 

The projects will be presented by the students on stage in the PCD conference room and on the booth of the two schools at the Paris Packaging Week on June 29 and 30, 2022 in Paris Porte de Versailles.

  • Project Perfume seals made visible 

Four solid perfumes chosen by each person, the applicator and a pouch are offered. The whole is grouped in a beautiful wooden box as well as the perfume containers. The perfume can be visible or not, the scented wax can be used as a light tattoo with a Japanese word and specific to the ethics of the brand. The boxes can be stacked or not. The idea is to retranscribe the Asian culture through the mode of use. 

  • Smart-Perfume Project, "What if your smartphone became your perfume?"

Smart-Perfume is a "nomadic" perfume device that allows consumers to carry their perfume around with them at all times as it is attached to their smartphone. The perfume is contained in a refillable 15 ml aluminum bottle that slips into a leather pouch magnetized to the back of a smartphone. The pouch is fully customizable according to your desires. The bottle is refillable both in store and at home thanks to a connected wooden base that allows you to recharge both your phone and your bottle of perfume.

  • VIP Perfume Room Project 

The concept lies in a mysterious room giving the consumer a whole new experience in the creation of a perfume. It all starts with obtaining a key that will allow access to a secret room leading to the unique creation of the perfume in terms of fragrances and the personalization of the bottle's packaging. The key to the creation room is used as an applicator for the perfume by immersing part of it in the bottle. After this first experience, the consumer will have the opportunity to make his bottle a real jewel. They will be able to regularly come and refill their bottle in the store. Each time he will proceed to this refill operation, he will obtain a jewel called "Charms" to insert on his perfume case. This concept is part of a respectful and sustainable approach for the environment, notably by using recyclable and recycled materials for the bottle and its accessories. With this, the use of a perennial product with unlimited customization to reflect the consumer's desires.

  • Ouréa Project

The concept, Ouréa, was inspired by gua sha stones and the sensations that massages provide while being scented. The students created an applicator that allows the stone to turn on itself, simulating this massage sensation. From an ergonomic point of view, the three curved sides of the cap are designed to fit the shape of the fingers, thus offering ease of application to the user. Aesthetically, the multi-faceted glass bottle is reminiscent of the shape of a precious stone and, depending on the different angles of view, provides an interesting visual effect, thus meeting the codes of the luxury world. 

  • Very Instant Perfume Project 

Very Instant Perfume is divided into three parts: 
- The packaging of the perfume, a flask of small capacity with a 3D visual inside equipped with a roll-on. This flask is made of plastic and gold/silver metals,
- Fountains in stores. Rotating, they allow you to choose your perfume. They are composed of glass columns,
- The commandable limousine to recharge with perfume and enjoy a luxurious experience.

The bottle can be bought in store (nomadic format) with its leather pouch to protect it and always carry it with you. This 15 ml bottle can be refilled at any time of the day thanks to the limousine and these rotating fountains. 

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