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Wood and glass, a combination of sustainable beauty

Italian cosmetics brand OphirMilano has chosen international beauty packaging manufacturer and supplier Quadpack and Biofarma Group to develop the packaging and formula for its new sustainable skincare range. The brand has opted for the Woodacity solo screw cap and Regula Glass jar for its collection, which includes anti-aging cream, mattifying gel and facial scrub. All formulas feature natural, effective ingredients that meet the brand's commitment to sustainable beauty. 

"The quality of our ingredients is a value for us, but also a responsibility. explains Sara Lualdi, Marketing Director at OphirMilano. "Our commitment to a more sustainable future begins with the rigorous selection of natural ingredients and eco-friendly, recyclable or reusable packaging." she adds. 

"As a cosmetics, dietary supplements and medical devices CDMO, Biofarma Group believes it is its responsibility to protect and defend the environment by following the principles of sustainability and recyclability during product development. We are proud to be able to serve brands like OphirMilano, who see sustainability as a plus and a social responsibility." says Ignacio Iturralde, Business Development Manager for Cosmetics at Biofarma.

The Woodacity solo screw cap used in this packaging is single-material. It has no plastic components and is PEFC-certified, guaranteeing the sustainable source of raw materials. The Regula Glass jar is a recyclable product that can also be transformed thanks to its refined aesthetics.

"The Regula Glass jar with the PEFC-certified Woodacity screw cap can be perfectly reused as a sprouting jar, jewelry box, spice box, piggy bank... We want to give our customers the opportunity not only to recycle packaging, but also to reuse it creatively." explains Sara Lualdi.

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