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Saturday September 30, 2023
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Claude Grison wins the European Inventor of the Year Award

The European Patent Office has just announced its winners: Claude Grison is the winner of the European Inventor Award 2022 in the "Research" category.

At noon on Tuesday June 21, 2022, the European Patent Office unveiled the winners of its European Inventor Awards 2022 at a ceremony broadcast live. And it was CNRS researcher Claude Grison, director of the CNRS Bio-inspired Chemistry and Ecological Innovations Laboratory and winner of the CNRS Medal for Innovation in 2014, who won the public's vote. She was rewarded for the plant-based methods she developed to extract metallic elements from polluted soil and use these "ecocatalysts" to create new molecules for industry. Claude Grison has created four start-ups, including Bio Inspir', which will be exhibiting on the CNRS stand at Vivatech in 2019, and has collaborated with chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics companies including Belgarena, Colas, Klorane and Chimex.

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