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Clinique and The Estee Lauder Companies/ELC address sustainable packaging with Roctool

Clinique becomes the first premium beauty brand to exploit Roctool's innovative and sustainable technology for one of its iconic bottles.

The Estee Lauder Companies/ELC initiates a partnership with Roctool, leader in molding technology with heating and cooling. Its aim is to help develop state-of-the-art processes for all the brands in its portfolio, as part of its ongoing drive towards sustainable prestige packaging.

A group pioneer in the development of healthy, effective products for over fifty years, Clinique will be the first premium beauty brand to use Roctool technology for cosmetic bottles. It has chosen Clarifying Lotion 200ml, one of its first iconic products launched in 1968. 

Packaging design and technological innovation are essential to the development of a sustainable premium packaging offering. Roctool's heating and cooling molding technology can be applied to a variety of production methods. According to the manufacturer, it offers significant improvements in surface effects without the need for additional decoration processes. In the case of Clinique's Clarifying lotion bottles, this technology eliminates the need for secondary decoration. This process tends towards a simpler, more responsible approach to packaging. It avoids rejects and reduces waste by 10 to 15 % in the manufacturing phase, while guaranteeing superior material quality.

"At The Estee Lauder Companies, we invest and innovate at every stage of our packaging processes to multiply sustainable solutions and enable our brands to offer luxurious, quality experiences to our consumers, explains Daniel Ramos, Senior Vice President, Global Packaging, The Estee Lauder Companies/ELC. We are working with industrial partners like Roctool to improve our packaging design. From now on, we will mobilize our portfolio of brands to exploit these cutting-edge processes on a large scale in order to contribute to the development of more virtuous packaging solutions for our consumers and the planet."

"When we launched into the beauty market a few years ago, we understood the challenges of more responsible packaging solutions in connection with molding technology. Today, we're proud to be working with The Estee Lauder Companies and Clinique, and to support their ambitions in terms of responsible innovation."adds Mathieu Boulanger, CEO of Roctool.

The Estee Lauder Companies/ELC has worked with cosmetics packaging manufacturer Pinard Beauty Pack to bring Roctool technology to market for the first time in Europe. "We are proud to be working with The Estee Lauder Companies and Roctool to harness our technical and quality know-how together for this fantastic development, which fits perfectly with our ambitions in terms of sustainable development and our CSR policy."explain Thomas and Pierre Olivier Pinard, Pinard's co-CEOs.

Following the launch of this new bottle across Europe, The Estee Lauder Companies/ELC intends to deploy Roctool technology across its entire brand portfolio to continue promoting and developing innovative packaging solutions.

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