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Friday August 12th, 2022
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Silanol technology by Exsymol


Exsymol has placed its year 2021 under the sign of silicon. A year to share his expertise on this element playing a key role in cosmetics. Indeed, Exsymol has been working on silicon and its role in the human body and more particularly the skin for 50 years: 50 years of studies and expertise already shared in a video available on the Exsymol TV channel, in the category "word of the Xpert". In this video, Mélanie Mollet, communications manager, and Lionel Valenti, scientific expert, tell us all about this key element of the skin. They recall the role too often unknown of silicon.


However, the main constraint of silicon during topical application is to allow the active molecule to penetrate the skin in order to reach its target. The use of silicon extracted directly from nature delivers low cosmetic benefits. The absorption of silicon through the skin is not enough to compensate for the natural loss. The principles of a cosmetic application defined, the need was to find a cosmetic technology: it is the starting point of a challenge for Exsymol to create a biofunXional silicon!

BiofunXional silicon represents the heart of Exsymol technology and the cornerstone of this cosmetic innovation.

Can this biofunXional silicon be used and diversified to meet all cosmetic needs? It is combined with cosmetic molecules of interest allowing Exsymol to meet cosmetic needs.

Exsymol's Xperts have selected known molecules (hyaluronic acid, rhamnose, hydroxyproline...) in cosmetics and improved their bioavailability and efficiency with their Silanol technology. This innovative technology is unveiled in detail in a brand new video describing the benefits of silanols for the skin.

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