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Cosfibel Group optimizes its exit from the crisis

Far from denying the difficulties affecting the luxury and beauty sectors, the Cosfibel group is resisting, anticipating and bouncing back. Acquisitions, partnerships, the opening up of new markets, the development of its product range and a new management team are all part of a resolutely offensive strategy.

Although Cosfibel saw its sales fall by 16 % in 2020, the group nevertheless gained market share in beauty. It has extended its sales network and is currently making several niche acquisitions in France and abroad. Thanks to its creative approach, the group has been able to preserve its operating margins and has built up a war chest to face any opportunity. Finally, Alain Chevassus is organizing his succession with the arrival of Marie Sermadiras as Executive Vice President of Cosfibel Group.

A stronger international presence

Cosfibel has taken advantage of the economic situation to rethink, reorganize and consolidate its offering and presence in the field. Its network of urban networks is being strengthened in Asia (Shanghai and Singapore) and Europe (Switzerland and Benelux), as well as in France with the recent acquisition of Boite Alu in Bordeaux.  

Acquisitions and partnerships to support local imports and diversification 

Boite Alu, which has been integrated into the Industries division, enables the Group to strengthen its position in metal packaging, particularly in the food and beauty sectors. Cosfibel has acquired 100 % of the capital of MMB, a Breda-based near-import trader specializing in folding and rigid packs for the delicatessen market in particular. In addition, MMB has an exclusive sourcing site in Warsaw, a real opportunity for our customers.

Laser, headed by Ségolène De Pommereau, has just joined the group and will be the subject of a joint venture (51/49). Laser excels in the field of essential oil diffusers, designed in France and developed in Asia. With a network of close import partners, it has strong connections with brands in the pharmacy, parapharmacy, phytocosmetics and aromatherapy sectors. 

These three companies have a growth potential higher than that of the market as a whole. Their acquisition should represent full-year sales of 15 M$, exactly the amount of land sold in 2020. 

Finally, in the short term, Cosfibel will pursue its acquisition policy in the luxury goods and fine food markets.

A consolidated CSR policy

Since the birth of its Cares program 10 years ago, Cosfibel has maintained its lead with its social programs. Within the group, the CSR dimension has spread by capillary action to all levels, with the award of the Ecovadis Gold Medal. 
Cosfibel is one of the 1 % top-rated companies in the sector in terms of the environment, human and labor rights, ethics and sustainable development.  

Cosfibel, tomorrow: Marie Sermadiras comes on board

"At 31, Marie is a strong personality, full of vitality and positive energy. She's close to our values, a good listener and a true team worker, explains Alain Chevassus. I'll be accompanying him as Executive Chairman of the Group, with the aim of preparing the transition from an SME to an ETI, with a magnificent team and a great project", he concludes.

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