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Monday, November 28, 2022
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Cosfibel gets excited about e-commerce

Thanks to its range of know-how, from boxes to accessories, the Cosfibel group is positioned on the e-commerce markets with a competitive and eco-responsible global offer.

In a context where e-commerce is literally exploding, dematerialized purchasing requires new codes. In the case of substantial volumes, this type of packaging imposes a wise cost calculation, but not only. Cosfibel subscribes to this with a global offer but nevertheless attentive to the customer experience.

Six lines full of stories

With its expertise in boxes, cases, luggage, accessories ... Cosfibel considers the e-commerce offer as a whole, adding to the primary function of packaging a notion of pleasure linked to the discovery of the product and its use. For this, the group has created six story lines. They each include a primary packaging intended to receive the product, the corrugated cardboard shipper delivered flat, then the necessary such as tissue paper, ribbon, card to print, stickers ... A choice of accessories selected for their functionality is added. , their attractiveness and competitive price. A velvet pouch to reuse, a decorated spatula to accompany a cream, a brush, make-up, a massage glove or even a pretty nail file aims to enrich the beauty routine and seduce the recipient. According to Cosfibel, “the brand gains in this gesture an indisputable capital of sympathy. "

When packaging becomes a marketing tool

Through this e-commerce collection made up of six families, Cosfibel aims to support brands in their sales strategies by allowing them to compose in a “mix and match” mode. Thus, the company intervenes throughout the chain, from the design of the pack to the packaging, in total full service.

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