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Friday August 12th, 2022
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Cosfibel signs its first e-commerce box for Scents of Wood


Scents of Wood makes a remarkable as well as exclusive entry into the world of perfumery. Witness its plum in cognac fragrance, recently awarded by the Fragrance Foundation in the category of extraordinary perfumes.

To accompany this launch, Cosfibel Premium has placed its design expertise at the service of a packaging subject to the multiple constraints of e-commerce. The result is a sober and elegant box and its associated shipper to offer customers a beautiful "unboxing experience". Scents of Wood is an exclusive brand inspired by the essences and sensuality of wood and carried by the New York magazine Visionaire. With her, Fabrice Croisé addresses olfactory aesthetes through a sensory journey anchored in nature. In a collector's spirit, this range of products consists of perfumes, candles, and a booklet. Produced in a limited edition, it is available by subscription and exclusively distributed by correspondence.

Cosfibel lends itself to the exercise of e-commerce

The first challenge was to draw a light, sober, practical box evoking the sensoriality of wood. For this, Cosfibel's design studio has designed a drawer paper and cardboard box capable of restoring the appearance and relief of a tree bark through a set of printing and varnish. Inside, an EVA hold is used to hold the products. On the other hand, this unglued hold is easily removed in order to recycle the packaging. Also printed black, the associated shipper is made of corrugated cardboard to remain light and solid.

Since the recent launch of its e-commerce collection, the Cosfibel Group has been responding to increased demand from brands. This tailor-made development confirms the group's entry into this segment justified by its multi-material competence and creativity in terms of marketing design.

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