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Friday August 19th, 2022
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Cosmed: an economic intelligence approach to adapting to the market


More than 80% of companies in the cosmetics sector are very small and medium-sized enterprises which, for the most part, do not have services or resources dedicated to strategic monitoring, often ignoring an economic intelligence approach. However, economic intelligence, and more particularly the strategic watch of SMEs, makes it possible to better protect activity and jobs, especially in the current situation where the consequences of the health crisis have impacted the cosmetics market in all its components.

According to Cosmed - the main professional association representing companies in the cosmetics sector, bringing together 900 companies in France, it had become essential to provide the managers of these companies with a decision-making tool capable of enabling them to anticipate and adapt. in a permanently uncertain world.

Supporting entrepreneurs of VSEs, SMEs and ETIs for more than 20 years in their development, Cosmed has joined forces with SVP, a decision-making information supplier, to create a tool for economic intelligence and strategic information.

The Cosmed-SVP report, published each quarter, will provide a summary of key figures relating to the life of companies in the cosmetics sector:

  • Trends
  • Cosmetics market figures
  • The innovation and strategies of the players in the cosmetics market
  • Market outlook

The Cosmed-SVP report published in the third quarter of 2020 underlines, in particular, that the coronavirus crisis and its health consequences have impacted the cosmetics market in all its components. Thus, “ market players will have to activate new levers to reinvent themselves and be part of this sector, which is changing very rapidly, over the long term. (…) The prism of ultra-gendered cosmetics, specifically aimed at women aged 20 to 55 is now (…) over. "

The report indicates, in particular, that:

  • makeup is less regular but more qualitative,
  • consumption is now conscious and ecological,
  • online sales of high-end products are growing strongly,
  • new types of consumers are emerging,
  • DIY is developing,
  • new social networks, such as Tik Tok, are positioning themselves in the market.


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