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Cosmetic 360: Cosmetic Valley confirms its growing power

Marc-Antoine Jamet, President of Cosmetic Valley, and Jean Luc Ansel, CEO and founder, presented the cluster's major strategic advances in France and internationally, and confirmed the expansion of the Cosmetic 360 event, which will take place at the Carrousel du Louvre on October 13 and 14, 2016.

Considered one of the most dynamic competitiveness clusters by the French Ministry of the Economy, with a job creation rate of between 1,000 and 2,000 every year, Cosmetic Valley is growing steadily on several levels. Its membership increased tenfold between 2004 and 2016, rising from 40 to 450 members in just ten years. "This dynamic of adhesion, which corresponds to an industrial truth, is not drying up, since 70 companies have joined us in the last 6 months".adds Marc-Antoine Jamet. Some of these companies come from far-flung regions, including the PACA region, and are convinced of the services offered to them. Marc-Antoine Jamet also points to the arrival or return of major industry names such as Procter & Gamble, l'Oréal and Sephora to the Board of Directors as a notable factor, signifying the broadening of the group's profile as a group of SMEs with an industrial profile.
The third sign of dynamism is the growth of our international network, with an ever-increasing number of foreign members. To continue converging in this direction, the cluster has set itself the goal of creating a confederation of clusters with a number of countries, Malaysia has just been signed and Taiwan is scheduled for May. The Cosmetic Valley, originally supported by the Centre, Normandie and Île-de-France regions, is also opening up to other possibilities, with the first agreements underway with Aquitaine and Limousin. Marc-Antoine Jamet takes this opportunity to underline the fact that the PASS (Parfums, Arômes, Senteurs et Saveurs) cluster in the Drôme/PACA region will no longer have a label, and is due to join Cosmetic Valley on July 1, "we're taking our time to make a marriage of reason". he comments.
Lastly, with the support of the French Minister for the Economy, the cluster is working to forge closer ties with the French Tech in all areas of cosmetics. A Congress dedicated to connected beauty will be held on July 5 in Chartres. This new event is one of six to be held over the next 12 months, along with participation in 5 international trade shows. Over 100 companies will be present under the Cosmetic Valley banner at the forthcoming In Cosmetics trade show in Paris, "it's a record, we've never had such an important place". says Marc-Antoine Jamet.

Cosmetic 360, the meeting place for innovation expands

A highlight of the 2016 agenda, the new edition of Cosmetic 360 will take place at the Carrousel du Louvre, once again to great acclaim, on a surface area set to expand to 5,000 m2 from 3,000 in 2015. Positioned as an international showcase of innovation for the entire perfumery and cosmetics sector, the event aims to _"make France the place where the industrial sector comes together to move forward" _souls Marc-Antoine Jamet.
Innovation in all its forms, based on the 3 pillars of quality, safety and the environment, is once again at the heart of the show, and this year will be illustrated by 250 exhibitors - around a hundred more than last year - from the raw materials, formulation, packaging, testing, finished products and distribution sectors. 4,000 visitors are expected, with a stronger presence from the distribution sector. At the heart of innovation, connected beauty technology will be showcased in a dedicated area. There will also be a "start-up zone", and a new "discovery and coworking zone" for first-time exhibitors.
Last but not least, Open Innovation, a collaboration between private laboratories and R&D teams from the industry's big names, promises new opportunities, and this year will welcome LVMH Recherche and Chanel R&D, among others.

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