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Friday, July 1, 2022
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Cosmetic Valley supports and encourages digital innovation in the cosmetics sector


The economic crisis affecting the global industrial sector is accelerating the technological transition of industries. The French cosmetics and perfumery sector must therefore invest in innovation in order to maintain its position on the international market.

Security, performance, traceability, consumer experience, product personalization, CSR ... so many challenges to be met where digital can bring a new impetus: sensory experiences, consumption patterns (e-commerce, virtual reality, apic technologies ...). In addition, new technologies, such as data analysis and artificial intelligence, are increasingly used in the industrial sector and applicable from the design to the market of the product.

Cosmetic Valley therefore makes it a priority to support companies in this direction and to identify innovation and development projects that meet the major challenges of the perfumery-cosmetics sector, applicable at all stages of the value chain: development of ingredients, testing methods, formulation, packaging, etc.

The new call for expressions of interest (AMI), launched with the help of five CNRS partners. TES, NWX, Minalogic, SCS poles – illustrates this desire for support. It will make it possible to develop collaborations between public research laboratories and companies, in particular on the subject of digital technology.

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