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Wednesday, May 25, 2022
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Cosmetic'Recherche Tour: next stop, Grenoble

An engine of growth and economic development, innovation is one of the values that make up the strength and competitiveness of the French cosmetics industry, internationally recognized for the excellence of its scientific research and the performance of its products.

It is also the key to the future in an ultra-competitive global perfumery-cosmetics market where France must maintain its leadership.

The organization of a tour of France of cosmetic research to promote synergies between the public and private worlds of research in the heart of the territories is thus among the 30 flagship measures selected in October 2021 by the Estates General of perfumery-cosmetics as part of the recovery plan for the sector.

This project took shape thanks to the reference partnership, established for several years by Cosmetic Valley with the CNRS to have cosmetic sciences recognized, set up strategic tools and strengthen the innovation capacity of the sector. Thanks to this partnership, cosmetics is now one of the scientific fields of

Priority valorization of the CNRS which created in 2015 the research group Cosm'actifs federating more than 50 laboratories around four axes of work: sourcing (bioactives / ingredients), formulation and vectorization, targets and biological models, safety and conservation.

In the continuity of this approach, the CNRS and Cosmetic Valley have decided to join forces to deploy a national action to better understand the skills of research laboratories present in France working on themes of the sector, whether in chemistry, biology, microbiology, physics, materials, mathematics, human sciences ... The objective is to develop public/private collaborations through the launch of the "Cosmetic'Recherche Tour – Les rendez-vous Recherche & Industrie": a tour of France to meet public research laboratories in each French region with skills that can be concretized by collaborations with companies in the perfumery-cosmetics sector: plant extraction, formulation, vectorization, skin biology, imaging, measurement technologies, new materials, artificial intelligence, digital, biotechnology...

The first stage, in Poitiers, officially launched this Tour de France on 2 September 2021. Grenoble will be the next stop city, on March 18, 2022, before Clermont-Ferrand on May 17.

In Grenoble, the event will be held at the University of Grenoble Alpes. Six laboratories will be in the spotlight. A panel discussion on connected beauty will also be offered.

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