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48h Cosmeto kicks off on October 13

On October 13 and 14, 2021, Cosmetic Valley will be staging two major events at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris: the 7th edition of the "Cosmetic 360" trade show, a showcase and catalyst for cooperation in the field of cosmetics innovation, and the "Summit of the French perfume and cosmetics industry".

In a hybrid format, Cosmetic 360 will bring together 160 exhibitors, both face-to-face and digital. Despite the pandemic, some 18 % of them will come from abroad: from Europe (Spain, Italy, Sweden, Belgium) but also from further afield (South Korea, China, Taiwan, Turkey, Japan).

"We're building on the 2020 edition of e-Cosmetic 360 organized in the year of containment. Thanks to this enriching experience, this year we are able to offer a complementary online and face-to-face event. For example, conferences will be offered exclusively on our digital platform. Face-to-face events will focus on more informal exchanges.emphasizes Franckie Béchereau, who is in charge of organizing the show at Cosmetic Valley. The Tech Corner - designed in collaboration with CNRS to showcase a soon-to-be-industrialized technological innovation will be a hybrid - will also benefit from an online space for publishing all explanations related to the innovation, and a dedicated area on the show floor focusing on the experiential. In the spotlight: the astonishing "Touchy Finger", enabling touch sensations to be digitized and visualized. "In the same way, appointments can be made on the platform but appointments made on October 13 and 14 will take place exclusively in person."adds Franckie Béchereau.

The show's other traditional highlights will also be taking place. The Open Innovation Rendezvous, for example, will enable 120 project leaders to meet four of the industry's major principals in a scientific speed dating session: L'Oréal, Pierre Fabre, Chanel and LVMH. Last but not least, the "Cosmetic Awards", presented by Alexandra Dublanche, Vice-President of the Île-de-France region, will recognize the most attractive and relevant innovations presented at the show, which will also give pride of place to "ecological hedonism", with a special prize for the jury's "Coup de Coeur".

The Cosmetic 360 application will complete the range of offers at the show, which will also invite participants to follow a "visitor itinerary" to meet health requirements and give visibility to all exhibitors. 

In tune with the Beauty Hub incubator launched by Cosmetic Valley, the "Cosmetic 360 Factory" will also spotlight innovative equipment for the cosmetics industry. The start-up zone will host 16 companies less than five years old. 

The Global Cosmetics Cluster, which brings together cosmetics associations from around the world, will also be holding its first general meeting at the show.

Joint missions abroad (Mexico, India, Indonesia, etc.) and shared scientific projects will be on the agenda of this coalition led by the French competitiveness cluster. Business France will be present as an exhibitor, promoting the export support solutions offered by Team France Export. Symbolizing its commitment to strengthening the "Made in France" concept at every link in the value chain, Cosmetic Valley will also be welcoming, for the first time, a collective of Glass Valley companies. This will highlight innovations in the field of flaconnage, a French jewel and sustainable material that will be honored in 2022 by the United Nations as part of the "Year of Glass". 

The show, which is entirely focused on promoting sustainable innovations, will be produced in compliance with high CSR standards, with stands made of recyclable materials sourced from short supply chains.

The pinnacle of the French industry perfumery-cosmetics

On October 14, the Carrousel du Louvre will also host the "Sommet de la filière française parfumerie-cosmétique". Conceived as Act 2 of the États généraux organized by Cosmetic Valley, Febea and their partners a year ago, this summit aims to perpetuate and boost the industry dynamic and cooperation within the cosmetics ecosystem, to meet the triple challenge of the ecological, digital and economic transition.

"The aim of this meeting is to take stock of the sector's economic situation, assess the progress made over the past year, and identify the areas in which we need to deploy more of our energies. In particular, the idea is to continue to help companies in the sector move forward, and to alert them to fundamental issues. Many VSEs and SMEs don't necessarily have the time or resources to tackle issues such as the ecological transition, for example. We can provide them with the keys, through testimonials, to implement concrete actions.says Soline Godet, in charge of organizing the summit at Cosmetic Valley.

With the support of professional associations and learned societies, the aim is to create links and pursue the collective momentum initiated by the Estates General, in order to make a success of the ecological and digital transitions in particular, strengthen the "made in France" concept, remain at the forefront of innovation, and bolster the industry's international performance.

On this last point, Cosmetic Valley will be announcing several major initiatives undertaken under the aegis and with the support of the European Commission as part of the Cosme (to facilitate the internationalization of SMEs), Interreg (making cosmetics an essential lever for local economic development) and Horizon Europe (in terms of R&D) programs, and will feature a session dedicated to exploring the promising Indian market, in the presence of business leaders from the sub-continent.

The aim of the event is also to gain recognition for an industry that recruits and represents some 1,500 companies and 250,000 jobs. Employment and skills will also be discussed at the summit.

A special focus on India, a promising market. Another on Europe.

A third event is worth noting: a network evening organized around the values of 21st-century cosmetics. "48h cosméto is three strong elements: a place, a date and the same synergy of players".Franckie Béchereau sums up.

A single watchword for the Cosmeto 48h: act for the industry. 

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