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Industrial processes

The actors of the Glass Valley present at Cosmetic 360

With its 70 companies centralized on the same territory, the Glass Valley gathers know-how that allows it to propose a global offer in the manufacturing of a perfume and cosmetic bottle intended for the luxury markets, from design to packaging. These skills are represented at the Cosmetic 360 trade show in Paris on October 13 and 14.

Located on the border of Normandy and Hauts-de-France, the Glass Valley brings together companies with expertise in the various stages of the glass product manufacturing process: model makers, mold makers, glass makers, finishers or decorators, as well as plastics, packaging and logistics specialists, but also art craftsmen, museums and training organizations specialized in these trades

Although it is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, the Glass Valley embodies a know-how that has been rooted in its territory since the Middle Ages. The perpetual technological evolutions and the transmission of know-how through the centuries have allowed it to count to its credit more than 70 % of the world production of luxury glass bottles for perfumery, spirits and cosmetics, as well as for the pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical markets.

Among glassmakers, some world leaders can produce more than one million bottles per day. Decorators and finishers are distinguished by the use of more than twenty different techniques, as well as model makers and plasturgists, opening a wide range of possibilities for creativity and innovation.

A sector in line with the principles of sustainable development

In a demanding environmental context, glass is the best material for high perfumery and cosmetic products. Infinitely recyclable, recognized for its neutrality, and able to benefit from multiple decoration techniques, glass today benefits from increasingly energy-efficient manufacturing techniques.

Thanks to these numerous assets, the Glass Valley has accompanied its voluntary members towards the CSR evaluation with EcoVadis. "Reinforcing the CSR charter with EcoVadis is a set of commitments related to the respect of the principles of sustainable development, aiming to improve its environmental impact, the quality of life at work, the ethics of its business and the improvement of its responsible purchasing. It is important to be economically viable while having a positive impact on society and better respecting the environment.says Valérie Tellier, president of Glass Valley.

Today, 19 companies in the Glass Valley are certified and evaluated by EcoVadis.

Verescence and Pochet du Courval were recently awarded the EcoVadis Platinium medal, Val Laquage Vt received the EcoVadis Silver medal, and Somobresle the EcoVadis Silver medal. MMB Volum-e is in the process of being certified. A convivial time will be dedicated on the Glass Vallée stand during the Cosmetic 360 exhibition, in the presence of the actors of the sector. It will be an opportunity to honor the companies involved in this process and to involve those in progress.

Players present at Cosmetic 360

The Glass Valley wants to allow you to discover the packaging of the future, for the luxurious "Made in France" enhancement of products.

Five companies, representing different core businesses, are present at Cosmetic 360 to present the entire process of creating a glass bottle for the luxury sector: 

  • The specialists in luxury glass bottles Verescence and Pochet du Courval
  • The decorators Val Laquage Vt
  • The masters of luxury products (design, model, rare edition) MMB Volum-e 3D Complex Production
  • Somobresle's molders, designers and manufacturers

Photo : Flaconnage - Pochet

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