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Monday, November 28, 2022
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CSI Thermoformage launches a unique process for thermoformed shims

CSI Thermoformage, specialist and leader in the design and manufacture of tailor-made and eco-responsible packaging, innovates in the thermoformed shims market with its ThermoDecor by CSI brand. This new process uses laser engraving on plastic shims (APET, PS) to create boxes and cases that are both aesthetic, low environmental impact and customizable.
By integrating this technique into its offer, CSI responds to the challenges and growing expectations of the luxury market (cosmetics, perfumery, spirits).

Alliance of expertise of excellence for a unique rendering ThermoDécor by CSI is the result of several years of R&D and a partnership with a specialist in decorative applications of laser technology.

The result is a decor with unique properties, exclusive on the market:

1 / Aesthetics: the decoration allows for very fine and chiseled shapes (without comparison with the decorations resulting from traditional printing techniques) bringing lightness and elegance to the packaging, definitely responding to the trend of minimalism. In addition, the process makes it possible to decorate the inside of the cells containing flasks and tubes.

2 / Eco-responsible: the process is applicable to recycled plastic. It uses little energy and does not affect the recyclability of the product. The wedge is directly decorated, without the need for inks or glued cardboard.

3 / The decor is customizable in very small series.
“We serve most of the prestigious brands, most often through our specialist cardboard partners. CSI has established itself through its know-how, but also through its flexibility and speed in the face of the strong “time to market” challenge of our customers. Added to this is our eco-responsible practice (ISO 14001, very high proportion of recycled material, etc.) - at the heart of our strategy from 2016 - and growing concern for the Prestige & Luxury market. ThermoDecor innovation makes an additional salient contribution to the value creation of our customers, ”said Mr. Roger, CEO of CSI Thermoformage.

A remarkable eco-responsible practice in a few benchmarks

After having concretely validated the eco-responsible management of the company in 2017 by obtaining ISO 14001 certification, CSI Thermoformage is making a difference through its factual eco-responsible practice:

• The use of plastics of recycled origin for 88% of its production (in 2018), a very high proportion for the plastics processing industry,
• Exemplary management of its scrap and manufacturing waste: 99% recycled in products, 1% incinerated, zero landfill (2018 figure),
• 100% selective sorting.


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