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Diam and Lancôme receive the Popaï de la création award

At the official Popaï Awards evening on June 14, the DIAM group received five awards, including the coveted first prize for creation, for the latest bar Fragrance Maison Lancôme. An honor for the two teams from L'Oréal and Diam.
Perceived by the industry as a veritable "Palme d'Or", the design prize was awarded by a jury made up of brands (Maisons) and distributors from the marketing, merchandising and communications sectors. The DIAM Group was awarded the Grand Prix de la Création for its bar dedicated to Lancôme's Grands Crus fragrance collection.

Winning approach
In its request, the Lancôme brand wanted to overhaul its merchandising offer dedicated to its fragrance collection, to standardize it from one country to another (guaranteeing "Brand Equity") and make it more flexible, with the aim of shortening lead times and cutting costs.
Based on a design by the Lancôme studio (L'Oréal teams), Diam took charge of the overall project, from technical design to delivery. With a highly innovative approach to modularity, Diam met the brand's imperatives and enabled countries to reduce their Time to Market. With this in mind, Diam completes its offer with installation and recycling services.
Gone are the long lead times and cumbersome adjustments required for this new-generation perfume bar, which now comes in two major modular, interchangeable versions. Made of multi-materials (glass, metal, plastic, resin, etc.) and 100 eco-designed %, it now combines aesthetic and functional advantages in the shortest possible time.

Premium attitude
Elegant and totally in tune with the spirit of the times, this new project adopts the identifying codes of luxury: black and gold contrasts, graphic play, black and white portraits, muted lighting... This staging offers a beautiful way of showcasing products. It can be customized in any way and anticipates retailers' every need (tests, products, stock management, etc.). This is a feat on the part of Lancôme, and a fine collaborative approach between Diam's teams in France and China, and those of L'Oréal (design, marketing and purchasing departments).
The brand's objective is thus attained: to gain on investments and time to market without compromising its image.


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