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DNA & Cosmetics: A new step for the consortium

Two years ago, we announced the formation of a new consortium "DNA & Cosmetics", whose objective is to guarantee the traceability of plant raw materials. As a proof of the cosmetic sector's will to reinforce transparency and security of supplies, a new step was taken at the beginning of March with the signature of a pre-consortium agreement by the historical actors. This new phase is accompanied by a call for applications from companies, cosmetics groups and ingredient suppliers, wishing to join the first cosmetics consortium dedicated to the traceability of natural resources through DNA analysis.
This consortium is built around DNA Gensee, a company specialized in plant bio-technologies founded in 2012. The company has just announced that it has raised €600,000 in funding to support its growth and to meet an irreversible demand for its genetic analyses of plants. With its own DNA analysis technologies and those of its network of highly innovative partners, DNA Gensee offers manufacturers unique tools and a complete solution to meet the major challenges and
current risks :

  • demand for traceability and transparency by consumers who increasingly require proof of the origin and quality of products,
  • risks linked to fraud, particularly in the supply chains of certain raw materials such as spices, hemp, honey, spirulina, teas, aromatic plants, perfume plants, etc.
  • the need to reduce environmental and social impact through more rational and sustainable supply (UN and Convention on Genetic Diversity objectives).

Actors in the cosmetics sector who share the same values of rigor and respect for the consumer and the planet can cooperate and participate in this approach to contribute to the common good and enhance the value of the industry.

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