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Gattefossé unveils Emulium Dermolea MB, the shield for sensitive skin

Emulium Dermolea MB, Gattefossé's new plant-derived O/W emulsifier, was officially launched at in-cosmetics global 2023 in Barcelona. Emulium Dermolea MB reduces skin stress and provides long-term soothing thanks to its unique lipidic composition rich in sterols and triterpenes. This new ingredient has been developed using Gattefossé's expertise in wax butter technology, and is composed of candelilla, rice bran and jojoba waxes.

The starting point

Exposed to environmental stresses, the skin's surface lipids are strongly impacted. The skin's barrier function is altered, facilitating the penetration of irritants and increasing insensible water loss (IWL). As a result, skin becomes dry and sensitive, with the appearance of redness and tightness. In addition to discomfort, altered skin barrier function can lead to a burning sensation when applying cosmetic products.

There is a growing need for soft, soothing textures that reduce the skin's sensitivity to aggression and enable the use of skincare and make-up products without reaction or discomfort.

A real ally for sensitive skin

Gattefossé is proud to present Emulium Dermolea MB, its latest O/W emulsifier of natural origin, a real ally for sensitive skin. Composed of plant lipids close to those on the skin's surface, rich in anti-inflammatory triterpenes and pentacyclic sterols, Emulium Dermolea MB forms a light, skin-compatible film, proven to reduce environmental stress on the skin. Highly moisturizing and protective, this ingredient reinforces the skin's barrier function and provides a long-lasting soothing effect.
Emulium Dermolea MB is easy to use and multifunctional, making it possible to formulate a wide range of cosmetic applications suitable for all skin types and climates.
Able to emulsify up to 40% of fatty phase, it can be used to create a wide range of textures, from spray to thick butter. It is suitable for skincare, make-up, suncare, hair and scalp care formulas. It comes in tablet form, making it easy to use.
" Skin sensitivity is a growing problem worldwide. That's why we set out to develop an ingredient that would enable us to formulate textures with proven soothing properties. Once again, Gattefossé's chemists drew on their expertise in functionalizing plant waxes to produce a high-performance O/W emulsifier. Cosmos-approved, suitable for vegan formulations and fully objectified in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo, this new ingredient will meet the current expectations of formulators and consumers alike. We are delighted that Emulium Dermolea MB has been shortlisted for the "best ingredient award" in the innovation zone at in-cosmetics global, and look forward to officially launching this product at the show! "explains Lysiane Teyssier, Product Manager - Textures and Cosmetic Applications at Gattefossé.

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