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EcoVadis: Quadpack in the top 1 % worldwide for sustainability performance

Quadpack, an international manufacturer and supplier of packaging for beauty products, has been awarded a platinum medal by sustainability assessment company EcoVadis. Quadpack achieved a score of 79/100, placing it among the top 1 % performers worldwide. The company's progress in sustainable development, particularly in the areas of the environment, labor and human rights, enabled it to move up from gold to platinum. Quadpack had originally been awarded a silver medal in 2019, showing steady progress in ESG (environmental, social and governance) performance.

"I am extremely pleased with this result, which clearly shows that we are on the right track in our sustainability journey. This result reflects our commitment to making a positive impact, as well as our determination to continue making improvements. I would like to thank all the Quadpackers involved for their impeccable contribution to achieving this result."says Hulya Gray, Sustainability Manager Business Operations at Quadpack.

Quadpack's sustainability roadmap includes measurable objectives. Over the past year, the company has published environmental reports based on life-cycle analysis for all the products in its catalog, with a view to offering transparency on their impact. Energy-measuring equipment has been installed in its factories, with improved waste flows and energy-saving measures in all its facilities worldwide. In addition, a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging plan has been integrated to foster an equitable working environment.

"Our platinum medal stems from a fact-based analysis of our performance, as we continue our drive for continuous improvement. As a B Corp, our mission is to lead by example, using the company as a force for good. We seek to inspire and help others in the value chain, and I'm pleased to say that our top 20 suppliers are now also certified by EcoVadis. We still have work to do, but I'm determined that every step we take will bring us closer to a more responsible future."explains Alexandra Chauvigné, CEO of Quadpack.

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