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The Cosmetic Victories: the nominees for the 9th edition are known

The 111 entries for The Cosmetic Victories 2024 competition have been reviewed. The research effort of the academic projects and the innovation of the start-up and SME projects were evaluated by international scientific experts. Three industrialists and three researchers were selected.

In the "Industrial Award" category are :

  • Prateek Mahalwar from Bioweg (Germany) with the project "Revolutionizing The Future Of Bio-Ingredients With The Power Of Microbes & Green Chemistry",
  • Denys Shevchenko, from Copper Lavender AB (Sweden), with the project "Carbon to Couture: Synthesis of Fragrant Compounds from Carbon Dioxide",
  • Ohad Bendror, from Nanospun (USA) with the "Live-Active Probiotic Skincare Tissues and Serums" project.

In the "Academic Research Prize" category, the nominees are :

  • Matej Hladiš, from the University of Côte d'Azur (France) with the project "Deciphering the Code of Scent: a Bio-Inspired AI for Accurate Odor Perception Prediction",
  • Philippe Lebaron, Sorbonne University (France), with the project "A unique test to assess the toxicity of cosmetic products on aquatic environments: an innovative, animal-free approach for more sustainable products",
  • Poutoum P. Samire, PhD, from CEA - Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique et aux Energies Alternatives (France) with the project "Photoproduction of bio-based hydrocarbons".

Rendezvous in Paris on April 15, 2024, for the presentation of the six nominated projects before a final jury of leading cosmetics brands, followed by the awards ceremony.

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site-industries-cosmetiques A concentrated individual in a lab coat examining a small jar containing a pink substance, a pioneering cosmetic innovation using natural ingredients in Brittany.

Cosmetics innovation comes naturally in Bretagne

In north-west France, Bretagne has always been a seawardlooking region with its 2,730km coastline - the longest in the country.

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