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international competition The Cosmetic Victories

“Innovation is the backbone of the“ France brand ”. The Cosmetic Valley competitiveness cluster has made this an absolute must. It is she who allows the French beauty industry to take the lead. The international Cosmetic Victories competition is at its service by constituting a pool of young creators in the sector ”. Marc - Antoine Jamet, President of Cosmetic Valley.
Created in 2015 and supported by the Cosmetic Valley - ESSEC endowment fund, The Cosmetic Victories competition rewards those who carry out an innovative project in connection with the perfume - cosmetics sector. Two prizes are awarded each year by a jury of experts in the profession:

▪ Academic Prize / Academic Prize
Applicants concerned: young graduates, doctoral students, post - docs, researchers.

▪ Industry Prize / Industry Prize
Applicants concerned: entrepreneurs, start - ups and innovative SMEs.

Launched three years ago by the Cosmetic Valley competitiveness cluster and supported by an endowment fund set up in partnership with ESSEC, the Cosmetic Victories award two prizes: the Academic Prize and the Industry Prize.
Carriers of an innovation applicable to perfumery - cosmetics in all areas of the sector: ingredients, formulation, test, process, packaging, chemistry, biotechnology, digital, distribution, new products and services, projects must come from scientists, 'industrialists, students, researchers, managers of start-ups or very small businesses or SMEs. These innovations can come from the perfumery - cosmetics sector or from a technological transfer from other sectors.
Each of the winners benefits from a financial endowment of 10,000 euros and support from the Cosmetic Valley competitiveness cluster which is embodied, in particular, by a presence at the international cosmetic innovation fair Cosmetic 360 and support from the Cosmet platform. 'up, dedicated to accelerating innovative projects in the perfume and cosmetics sector, as well as a visibility pack including national and international media coverage.

Six applications will be selected by the selection committee made up of industry professionals and international scientific experts. (3 per category).
2018 Selection Committee: Marcel CREST / CNRS (France) - Richard Daniellou / CNRS (France) - Carlos Edouardo DE OLIVEIRA PRAES / University of Barcelona (Spain) - Lai HUEYMIN / Industrial Technology Research Institute (Taiwan) - Christophe MASSON / Cosmetic Valle y (France) - Julien MOREL, ESSEC (France) - Benjamin MORLON / CNRS (France) - Carmen SOCACIU / Institute of Life Sciences (Romania) - Normand VOYER / Université de Laval, Quebec (Canada) - Neti WARANUCH / Université des sciences Naresuan Pharmaceuticals (Thailand).

The two winners will be chosen by a jury of experts from research, the largest global groups in the perfume - cosmetics sector and organizations representing the profession. Among them: the French Cosmetology Society / SFC, the Federation of Beauty Companies / FEBEA, the Public Investment Bank / BPI, the National Scientific Research Center / CNRS and of course ESSEC and Cosmetic Valley.

Key dates :
March 30, 2018: closing of applications
(online at: www.thecosmeticvictories.com)
April 20, 2018: announcement of the six selected projects (3 nominations per price)
June 19, 2018: Cosmetic Victories award ceremony in Paris (1 winner per price)

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