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Embelia announces a refillable version of the Baia airless bottle

Co-developed with Lablabo, a company specializing in airless packaging with a pouch, Baia is a reusable airless bottle thanks to a refillable pouch. This version is part of Embelia's commitment to sustainable development. The company pays particular attention to reducing the environmental impact of its packaging by offering refillable packaging. Developed for the cosmetics and parapharmacy industries, this airless bottle meets a strong market demand. The Baia Airless is a complete set composed of a 30 or 50 ml recyclable PP bottle, a recyclable PE pouch, a pump for dispensing high viscosity formulas, a collar and a cap. With each dose delivered, the flexible bag retracts. There is no air return in the system in order to preserve the integrity of the formula and to limit the quantity of preservatives. The optimal restitution, up to 95% depending on the formula, avoids any waste. The gesture is simple: after use, the pouch can be easily removed by unscrewing the top part of the assembly. The user can then insert a refill for a new use and reuse the rest of the system, i.e. the collar, the cap and the pump. "Only the pouch is discarded after use, which limits the environmental impact of the Baia airless and represents an economic gain from the second use," says Embelia. The refill is designed to be heat-sealed with an aluminum or plastic cap.

Environmental advantages
In addition to being refillable, the Baia airless bottle offers many environmental advantages: the size of the bottle has been optimized to minimize its weight, some ranges incorporate recycled materials and all components can be recycled through traditional sorting channels. Finally, it is entirely manufactured and assembled in France, which reduces its carbon footprint.
Embelia has been committed for several years to a sustainable development approach and supports its customers towards more responsible primary packaging solutions. The company, which obtained the Ecovadis Gold label in 2021, has included the reduction of the weight of its packaging, the reuse of packs, recycling and the use of recycled material in its roadmap.

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