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Quadpack's refillable product evolution for solid formulas

The new Infinite PP Panstick from international beauty packaging manufacturer and supplier Quadpack represents an evolution of the original plastic panstick. Made entirely from PP, a recyclable material, it is now available in a refillable format. Versatile, the product is part of the new generation of Quadpack brand packaging and meets the ecological needs of brands to use sustainable materials for make-up, fragrances and skincare. 

Thanks to its eco-design, Infinite PP Panstick has reduced its carbon emissions by 43 % compared with the original version, and its circularity index has tripled*, indicating an improvement in sustainability and a reduction in environmental impact, according to a Product Life Cycle Assessment. The move to refillable single-material packaging has taken the product from a minimum to an advanced level of sustainability in Quadpack's PIP assessment. 

Packaging is adapting to trends towards product solidification, driven by environmental concerns, which are prompting brands to reduce or eliminate the water present in formulas by adopting sticks as alternative formats and encouraging the adoption of different gestures and applications. 

As well as being long-lasting, the product is versatile: it's suitable for a variety of solid-form formulas such as foundations, complexion perfectors, sun products, serums and solid perfumes. Thanks to the practical snap-on system, Infinite PP Panstick can be easily refilled, and offers top- and bottom-filling options.

The product is available in cup diameters of 18.2 mm (10 g and 4.5 g) and 21.3 mm (15 g) and offers a range of internal decoration options.

*Infinite PP Panstick 4.5g compared to a basic 4.5g panstick

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