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Friday, July 1, 2022
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ExplOud, the new perfume by Pierre-Constantin Guéros (Symrise) for Laboratorio Olfattivo


For this first collaboration with Symrise, Laboratorio Olfattivo has chosen to call on Pierre-Constantin Guéros. A travelling perfumer, this connoisseur of the Middle East is driven by the humanity, sensitivity and curiosity of those who have travelled the world and are constantly seeking contact with different cultures. A meeting that led them to propose together a vision of the Oud, precious and quite other than dark.

A light carrier, Exploud reinterprets the aromatic features of a unique raw material that has already been the subject of numerous representations. To do this, Pierre-Constantin Guéros sought to recreate each of the main facets of the Oud to keep its essence, without the Caricatural Middle Eastern side.

"Oud as a raw material now belongs to the palette of the Western perfumer who can use it outside a context of perfumes destined for the Middle East. Alongside oud Ajmal, interesting for its volume and nobility, a series of statutory raw materials to reveal all its notes: Ambrostar1 for woody power, New Caledonia sandalwood for the suede side, supple and warm, rich powdered musks such as civettone or exaltolide for their extraordinary impression of volume and skin, and the vetivers of Java and Madagascar for the smoked note,"explains Pierre-Constantin Guéros.

Pierre-Constantin Guéros, in a few words

Pierre-Constantin Guéros was born and raised in the 17th arrondissement of Paris. His father, a furrier for the great couturiers, owned a workshop impregnated with the scents of leather, fur and polished wood. It was during an open day at ISIPCA that Pierre discovered the profession of perfumer, which resonates deeply in his creative and scientific spirit. A vocation that he feeds by his natural curiosity, his readings, his travels and his encounters. His taste for knowledge and his passion for discussing everything related to perfume have been useful on many occasions. In 2012, he joined the Symrise family, first in Dubai. After spending 15 years abroad, he returned to Paris, "the center of my world" as he puts it.

1. According to Symrise, Ambrostar is one of the most successful captives to date to rediscover that forgotten ambergris note. An incredible dried woody note with unique and contrasting mineral facets.

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