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iD Scent revisits the perfume sample

iD Scent imagines, designs, manufactures and markets innovative fragrance supports. It has developed an avant-garde technology called Scentest.
The result of 10 years of R&D, Scentest is a scented paper support that combines innovation and respect for fragrance.
At ADF&PCD Paris 2018, iD Scent put the spotlight on this innovative olfactory experience on paper.

Scentest offers many advantages. By integrating the fragrance directly into the paper fibers through air compression, fragrance reproduction is faithful, stable and homogeneous over several months or even years. Scent diffusion is powerful and instantaneous. Scentest also offers a wide range of finishing possibilities. The fragrance does not interfere with the print, and vice versa. Fragrance can be partially or totally applied to the substrate. Scentest is also an ideal solution for export. The absence of alcohol facilitates international logistics and reduces regulatory constraints.

 For the consumer, Scentest makes it possible to repeat the olfactory experience. Consumers can smell the fragrance as many times as they like in optimal conditions. They can also share the scented medium with friends and family to "validate" their choice. The contact cost is attractive, as the scented support can be used to touch several people several times.

This technology is already available in press and retail samples, training materials, press kits, mailings, emailings...


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