Filorga, new brand of the Colgate-Palmolive group

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    The HLD Group and Didier Tabary announce the signing of an agreement with the group Colgate-Palmolive for the sale of 100% of Filorga Laboratories ("Filorga") for a value of 1,495 million euros.

    Since 2007, Filorga, which presents itself as the global specialist in anti-ageing media-cosmetic solutions, has been developing and marketing a range of anti-aging treatments, formulated using NCEF, a unique complex encapsulating the ingredients used in injection, responding to all the problems related to skin aging (wrinkles, shine, firmness, pigment spots).

    The brand's high-end positioning combined with affordable prices, the company's multi-channel distribution profile and the company's ongoing innovation process have enabled the group to experience continuous growth of more than 50% per year for more than 10 years.

    "I am very proud of what we have achieved with the Filorga and HLD teams. Together we have built an exceptional brand, benefiting from a range of quality products and a unique positioning that have seduced increasingly demanding consumers, points out Didier Tabary, the entrepreneur who took over Filorga Laboratories in 2006. I am pleased to allow the Filorga brand to nurture new ambitions alongside Colgate. This transaction is part of Filorga's development logic, and will allow the company to strengthen its position in its existing markets such as China and Travel Retail, and expand into new high-potential territories, such as the United States or Japan. »

    "Filorga is a remarkable adventure, conducted since 2010 alongside Didier Tabary. We have built a unique, effective, leader anti-ageing brand in France and fast growing in the Chinese market. The HLD Group's ability to support our companies in the long term has enabled us to support the exceptional growth of the brand and to make the best choices throughout this adventure."adds Jean-Bernard Lafonta, one of the co-founders of the holding company HLD.