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Firmenich appoints Dr. Eric Frérot as Scientist Emeritus

Firmenich, the world's largest privately-owned fragrance and taste company, is proud to announce the appointment of Dr. Eric Frérot as Distinguished Scientist. This appointment is in recognition of his successful career in R&D, his decisive role in disruptive innovations and his consistently outstanding performance in the field of science. He is one of only seven scientists in the company to have been awarded this coveted title.

I am delighted to celebrate the appointment of Dr Eric Frérot as Distinguished Scientist. His valuable contributions have had a profound and lasting effect on the industry and have influenced the next generation of scientific professionals. Science and innovation are at the heart of Firmenich, and our scientific community is at the heart of our success. ", said Gilbert Ghostine, CEO of Firmenich. " No other comparable company mobilizes such a comprehensive range of research activities to define the future of fragrance and taste as Firmenich. "

Eric is an exceptionally versatile researcher and scientific expert whose track record of innovation and discovery has had a significant impact on Firmenich's entire business. ", said Sarah Reisinger, Firmenich's Chief Research Officer. " His work on innovative analytical methods, the discovery of new fragrance and flavor ingredients, organic synthesis and delivery systems is unrivalled in our industry. Eric has been widely recognized for his exceptional expertise, and is the partner of choice for many of our customers, colleagues and the wider industrial and research community. "

The Distinguished Scientist award was introduced in 2008 to reinforce Firmenich's ongoing quest for scientific excellence. It testifies to a scientist's unwavering dedication to inspiring the scientific community, continually innovating and achieving scientific breakthroughs. In addition, it recognizes and rewards outstanding scientific contributions to Firmenich's business, as well as leadership in attracting and retaining top R&D talent.

Firmenich explores the whole continuum of taste and smell, from understanding human perception and molecules to developing new technologies and manufacturing processes. This approach is multi-disciplinary, mastering the disciplines of pure and applied science and engineering.

In 2021, the Group invested 9.3 % of its net sales in R&D, the highest investment ratio in the sector, to innovate for a better society with a focus on hygiene, well-being and sustainability. Firmenich holds over 4,000 active patents.

Dr Eric Frérot joined Firmenich in 1994 in the Analysis and Perception department of the company's R&D division. His current research focuses on the discovery of new premium ingredients and sustainable manufacturing methods. Throughout his nearly 30-year career at Firmenich, he has discovered important taste ingredients for Taste & Beyond in the umami and sweet areas, and today has numerous innovations in development.

He is an expert in analytical investigations of finished products, and frequently receives appreciation from customer expert teams. His decisive achievements are reflected in his results as a prolific scientific author, including 27 publications in peer-reviewed journals, 20 of which on research conducted at Firmenich. He is the inventor of 24 Firmenich patents.

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