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First Naf Naf Eau de Parfum Collection by Drim Tim by Superga Beauty

November 17 marks a double premiere. For Naf Naf, which is launching its collection of five exclusive eaux de parfum. For Drim Tim by Superga Beauty, which saw the launch of its first fully managed project. Drim Tim, the custom brand manufacturer, has accompanied Naf Naf in the creation and realization of its perfume concept, from branding to supply chain.

Ten months to create the fragrances of Naf Naf women

In January 2021, Naf Naf entrusted the experts at Drim Tim with the mission of creating their collection. They were given carte blanche to imagine the "perfume territory" of the ready-to-wear brand as well as a graphic and packaging universe that would seduce customers. The ambition was clear: to appeal to all generations of women and inspire them to adopt the olfactory trail of their favorite brand. 

In only ten months, Drim Tim has taken up the challenge given by Naf Naf. The team, composed of the family group Superga Beauty, the designer Thierry de Baschmakoff, and the communication agency WAKE, gathered more than 10 different partners, all European, to carry out this project. 

The challenge of 100 % packaging made in Europe

The bottles of Naf Naf eaux de parfum are made of glass. Their shape is reminiscent of the roundness and sweetness of a ripe, sun-drenched fruit. The surface, piquetée, is a wink to the asserted character of the women Naf Naf who do not miss spicy and audacity! 

The bottles are decorated with a matt gold pad printing. The caps and frets are made of PP and decorated with a matte gold lacquer. The cap evokes a dewdrop exploding on the surface of the water. The message is there: a sensual and sensory outpouring, for all the senses. 

The cardboard box combines the bright colors associated with perfumes with a luminous hot foil stamping, again in matte gold, and a ribbon effect print, a nod to the textile world. It is also distinguished by a material rendering of great finesse. 

The bottles are offered in 50 ml, in 1.5 ml samples and in an exclusive box, available in the next few months, gathering the five fragrances in 10 ml format. 

The perfumes were packaged in France, by the BPS Fragrance factory, located in Famechon (Somme) and belonging to the Superga Beauty group.

Five perfumes to adopt according to your emotions

The fashion brand consulted the great names in perfumery to imagine its fragrances and translate, through olfactory notes, the character and emotions of Naf Naf women. The result exceeded the expectations of its teams, since instead of three eaux de parfums, it extended its final choice to five, as there were so many favorites.

Three experts worked on these perfumes. Alexis Dadier, master perfumer at Robertet in Grasse, Alexandra Carlin, master perfumer at Symrise, and Marine Ipert, young talent from the Symrise group.

Naf Naf has selected five fragrances that are an invitation to reveal your emotions:

Hello Paradise, for the sunny, vibrant and exploratory temperaments

Spicy Rose, for confidence, ultra-femininity and emotion

  • Magnetic KisS, for sensual, magnetic and greedy women
  • Crazy Drop, for transgressive, energetic and spicy characters
  • Magiz Fizz, for sporty, dynamic and sparkling profiles.
  • Each composition is a hymn to freedom and to being fully oneself.

Naf Naf has chosen, as muse of its line of perfumes, the beauty queen and Miss France 2018 Maëva Coucke. 

The launch of the eau de parfum collection will be supported by several TV spots, including two appearances during the iconic Miss France ceremony. Drim Tim by Superga Beauty and the integrated communication agency Wake have imagined and produced a creative ecosystem for this TV and digital campaign.

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