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Gala dip-in pack: born for make-up artists from all over the world

With four smart and intuitive applicators, Gala is the perfect solution for eye, lip and face formulas.

The look is important, but the application is what really matters when it comes to makeup packaging. In the world of makeup artists, the right tools are essential to achieving flawless results. The Gala dip-in pack is new from international beauty packaging manufacturer and supplier Quadpack, which combines an attractive, thick-walled bottle with four high-performance applicators for specific uses. 

The single-material packaging is based on an environmentally responsible concept. Made entirely of recyclable PET, brands can also choose 100 % rPet components. Life cycle analyses show that switching to a fully PCR version improves the circularity index of the packaging by 60 %. This promotes Gala to a "advanced level of sustainability"According to Quadpack's Pip (Positive Impact Packaging) assessment.

The beautifully crafted 4.5ml Gala bottle boasts a prestigious look with its large print and neat silhouette. Designed to hold eye, lip and face formulas, this package offers four different applicators to cover all areas of makeup:

  • The elegant

A rigid and precise crowbar-shaped tool with a central receptacle on the tip, optimized for highlighting formulas or lips that require high definition. 

  • The bottom line

A rounded tip spatula with two receptacles on opposite sides, super flexible and soft for easy and pleasant application.

  • The glamour

A concave, flexible, petal-shaped tool with a large receptacle to collect the formula and a pointed tip for precise application.

  • The irresistible

A spoon-shaped applicator with a center receptacle and rigid tip for maximum control of highly pigmented lip products.

In addition to holding makeup formulas, Gala can be decorated to fit any brand. From hot stamping to metallization, the brand can apply dramatic designs to evolve this value-added packaging into a valuable asset.

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