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Friday August 19th, 2022
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Gattefossé launches Definicire, its first ingredient for hair application


Gattefossé will launch its very first ingredient for hair applications at the in-cosmetics Latin America trade fair. Gattefossé researchers drew on their expertise in lipid chemistry to reproduce the styling benefits and natural protective properties of sebum without providing a greasy effect.

Perfectly disciplined hair

This innovative new ingredient is based on high molecular weight esters obtained from the hulls of sunflower seeds and jojoba seeds. These esters react with polyglycerol to improve the application of the treatment to the hair and leave a homogeneous protective film.
Tests have shown that the hair regains its hydrophobicity which protects it from humidity and frizz. They are therefore soft to the touch and easier to comb with a longer lasting hold.
“We have worked for several years to find a lipid composition that can replace silicones in conventional hair care products. We have found that the naturally occurring sebum is the best protection for the hair. Because of repeated shampoos, thermal attacks and the surrounding pollution, the sebum can no longer fulfill its initial function and the hair, then exposed, is damaged ”.
“We therefore designed Definicire, very close to sebum in terms of chemical composition, but with slightly longer carbon chains to optimize its performance without reproducing the greasy appearance of sebum. During the development, we focused on the sensory properties of the hair after treatment and therefore we refined the composition of our ingredient to eliminate any greasy effect both in appearance and to the touch. Our teams in Singapore and Brazil tested the ingredient in formulation to assess the effectiveness of its anti-humidity barrier and we are very satisfied with the result ”Vincent Hubiche, head of the applications laboratory for the Gattefossé group.

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