Freeze: Beyond the Cosmetic Industry

France - lockdown in France 2020

Since March 13, a ministerial decree has authorized companies in the cosmetics industry to convert part of their production tool to ensure the production of hydroalcoholic gel.

Since then, the Federation of Beauty Companies (FEBEA) and the Cosmetic Valley competitiveness cluster have announced a strong mobilization of companies in the cosmetics sector. Cosmed, the association of SMEs in the cosmetics industry, for its part worked to modify the decree of March 13, 2020, thus allowing the possibility of using a wide choice of gelling agents and humectants, as well as several categories of alcohol.

Large companies and very small cosmetics companies now produce hydroalcoholic solutions.

Companies from other sectors are also mobilizing.

Thus, the Franche-Comté start-up AFUludine , specializing in eco-responsible lubricants, has also decided to embark on the production of hydroalcoholic gel.

While the company had to close its doors on Monday March 16, its manager, Fabrice Lallemand decided to put himself at the service of health professionals and obtained the authorization of the prefecture to adapt its entire production chain. . On a voluntary basis, the employees showed their solidarity and went back to work.

Fabrice Lallemand, teacher-researcher in chemistry, thus shows his desire to be useful, especially in a region particularly affected by the epidemic. “ In these exceptional circumstances, we must all mobilize to help health workers who are on the front line facing the Coronavirus. There was no question for me to wait quietly when we had the capacity to help, ” says the leader.


Photo: © Claude Truong-Ngoc / Wikimedia Commons