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Givaudan improves consumer well-being with "Well&Be

Givaudan, the world's leading fragrance and beauty company, announces the launch of "Well&Be", its fragrance creation territory dedicated to well-being.

In a global context where 64 % of consumers feel they work in an "always on" culture that causes physical and mental stress, and 73 % believe a scented product should provide a mental escape, Well&Be addresses the depths and layers of human emotion in a diverse, inclusive and rapidly evolving culture of wellness.

Well&Be builds on Givaudan's pioneering heritage of combining neuroscience expertise, consumer intelligence and digital innovation, including the artificial intelligence (AI) technologies Myrissi and MoodScentz+, to enable product creation to reach its full potential.

By pushing the boundaries of understanding wellness through renowned mood technologies and the principle of sensory congruence, Well&Be helps define exceptional emotional product experiences for consumers, fueled by scent, as well as other product characteristics, such as package color.

Well&Be covers a territory of 92 moods and emotions structured around five archetypes:

  • Nostalgia : Feeling good thanks to childhood memories
  • The Transformer: Feeling good through self-transcendence
  • The Connector: Feeling good through connections with others
  • The researcher: Feeling good thanks to a taste for discovery and escape
  • The naturalist: feeling good about your connection to nature

As a relevant global multi-sensory platform for fragrance composition and product storytelling, Well&Be serves as an advanced inspiration tool for Givaudan's perfumers and opens up new creative opportunities for our customers worldwide.

The uniqueness of Well&Be marks a step forward with our customers in the wellness journey, in all product categories " Verena Nikoleyczik, global head of consumer product development, says. " With this unique consolidation of expertise in emotion decoding, fragrance design and sensory perception, Givaudan is pioneering a diversified response to consumer needs, enabling our perfumers to develop superior creations with high emotional value, beyond mere pleasure. Well&Be brings our clients closer than ever to the emotions of consumers, offering a truly memorable product experience.

With this holistic creative approach rooted in science, Givaudan goes beyond the generic notion of wellness and demonstrates its leadership and ambition in shaping the future of wellness.

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