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Tuesday October 3, 2023
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Givaudan captures the pleasure of nature after the rain with Geogaia

Givaudan, world leader in fragrances and beauty, discovers Geogaia, translating the lush, multi-faceted fragrance of Petrichor, defined as the scent that emerges from the ground when rain falls after a period of drought.

Geogaia overcomes the challenges associated with recreating the complex scent of Petrichor, and provides the most authentic olfactory translation of this beloved perfume, bringing green, earthy and watery tones to the fragrances.

The fruit of a holistic approach combining fragrance expertise and consumer understanding, Geogaia's emotional resonance was underpinned by Givaudan's Proprietary Mood Portraits 2.0 testing approach and InSituScanz brain imaging exploration.

Rooted in nature, Geogaia has a 100% biodegradable formula, offering a planet-friendly experience.

Geogaia enriches Givaudan's successful Gaia collection, which includes Phytogaia, capturing the wellness benefits of molecules emitted by forest trees, and Thalassogaia, mimicking the composition of the marine environment, developed according to our Naturality Guide principles.

Demonstrating the emotional dimension of this new creation, 81% of consumers observed an olfactory "after-rain" effect in compositions containing a significant level of Geogaia, describing a pleasant natural outdoor sensation. As the most accurate translation of this universally evocative rainy weather scent, Geogaia opens up new creative perspectives, in all product categories."  Stéphanie Martin, Home Care Category Manager.

Geogaia aligns with Givaudan's goal of achieving a biodegradable fragrance palette by 2030, and supports the company's broader ambition to be climate positive by 2050.

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