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Bastille Parfums strengthens its traceability with digital solutions from Avery Dennison

Bastille Parfums, a young French company creating sustainable and natural fragrances, presents a new transparency initiative that combines the use of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology with QR code technology. This combination provides greater visibility across the supply chain, and offers a unique customer experience by sharing valuable information about each product. 

With Avery Dennison's RFID sensor technology, Bastille can track and trace tagged products throughout the supply chain, improve inventory management and limit counterfeiting. Traceability also enables brands to identify inefficiencies, better serve customers and optimize operations, from raw material sourcing to consumer purchase.

Using the atma.io connected products platform means that each product is assigned a digital identity (or digital twin). Thanks to this identification, Bastille can track each product at every stage of the supply chain, from source to consumer. Real-time order tracking also enables Bastille to gain greater precision as soon as fragrances leave the factory. In addition, the brand also has access to consumer interaction analysis, enabling it to better understand customer engagement with different fragrance ranges. 

In response to consumers' desire for more information about ingredients, Bastille's new transparency initiative, which combines a serialized QR code with an RFID label, currently concerns the following two products: the best-selling Pleine Lune and the new Paradis Nuit fragrance. A simple scan of the QR code using a smart device, such as a smartphone or tablet, will lead Bastille users to a unique digital experience, providing information on the fragrances' origin, bottling date, olfactory values and precise composition. The use of a unique digital identifier for both the RFID tag and the QR code guarantees a unique experience with every product interaction.

In return, Bastille will benefit from information on customer interaction and engagement with its products that will help it to better understand their behavior and identify trends. This new communication channel is an effective way for Bastille to get closer to its customers, create a strong bond with them and strengthen their loyalty through an enriched experience.

The collaboration involves Avery Dennison's comprehensive technology solution and customer experience experts, SharpEnd, a global design studio whose mission is to help brands embrace the Internet of Things. The collaboration also includes Bastille's exclusive manufacturer, Socos Services.

Sophie Maisant, CEO of Bastille, explains: "Our commitment to the highest standards of transparency is part of our DNA. We believe that transparency is essential to the mutual trust we have long enjoyed with our customers. With this new initiative, we are letting our customers know that we hear their desire for more information about fragrance compositions. For our part, we are committed to disclosing every ingredient, including its origin, provenance and date of manufacture."

Uwe Hennig, Senior Director Market Development Emea & Nem, Avery Dennison Smartrac, adds: "For cosmetics brands to remain competitive in the changing retail landscape, they must create transparency throughout the supply chain and offer differentiation through unique customer experiences. We are proud to partner with Bastille to create this differentiating end-to-end solution for the beauty and fragrance sector."

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