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Givaudan unveils an olfactory exploration of the new codes of love, according to Gen Z

Unfiltered, authentic and inclusive: as the laws of attraction continue to redefine themselves, Givaudan's perfumers have delivered their fragrant interpretations of love and seduction, as seen through the eyes of Gen Z.

Givaudan, the global specialist in fine fragrances, has revealed its new creative vision, "What is Love?", which translates the love language of Gen Z into fragrances and stages it through an immersive experience.

While 73 % of 16-24 year-olds in the USA, and 68 % in France consider perfume to be the tipping point that seals the feeling of love, "What is love?" brings to life Gen Z's definition of love and seduction, fueled by unfiltered digital exposure. With over 3.9 billion views gathered under the hashtag #PerfumeTok on TikTok, the fragrance demonstrates the central place it holds in Gen Z's emotional expression.

"What is love?" is the result of in-depth research, supported by consumer studies and extensive listening to social networks, to deliver the most relevant and nuanced olfactory interpretation of these new love codes, which celebrate inclusivity and the exaltation of emotions.

With absolute creative freedom, Givaudan's perfumers have transposed the values of authenticity and the search for true bonds so dear to the heart of Gen Z into exclusive accords.

Arnaud Guggenbuhl, Marketing and Image Director, Fine Fragrance Global: "Focusing on this Gen Z-led reinvention of sensuality, gender and relationships, "What is Love?" delivers a realistic interpretation of what "love" means to this generation. The central place given to vulnerability and the most authentic emotions represents an exceptional terrain of inspiration for our perfumers, who by connecting deeply with this disruptive and non-genre philosophy, have been able to shatter preconceived ideas around the notion of seduction and love in perfumery."

"Givaudan's expertise in analyzing and anticipating the expectations of future consumers takes on a new form thanks to this program, adds Xavier Renard, Director of Fine Fragrance Global. The result of extensive research over the last two years, "What is Love?" is a strategic opportunity to reappropriate a fundamental theme in perfumery: love, while exploring its new forms of expression specific to current and future generations."

The "What is love?" creations were presented during an immersive fragrance event that allowed us to dive into the world of Gen Z, from the intimacy of their bedrooms to their phone screens, and whose most spontaneous emotions make up the new vocabulary of love.

This exclusive experience took place in New York from September 18 to 29, in Paris from October 9 to 20, and was introduced at Beautyworld, in Dubai, from October 30 to November 1.

According to the company, "by going beyond stereotypes alongside Gen Z, Givaudan demonstrates its unique understanding of this free-spirited and exalted generation, the better to shape the future of perfumery."

(1) Givaudan internal quantitative survey

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