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Greentech unveils "next-generation" asset by studying Holobionte

Greentech presents a new innovative active ingredient: Holobiosys. An extract of wild yellow gentian roots potentiated by an upcycled fermentation process with a rare and cold-tolerant bacterium from the French aerobiota. It restructures the skin in depth, stimulates the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and lipids and restores skin hydration with a smoothing effect on wrinkles, while invigorating the skin holobionte.

A "new generation" active ingredient

Holobiosys is a scientific breakthrough resulting from more than 30 years of research by Greentech. 30 years of expertise in various fields that they cross: biotechnologies, metabolically oriented fermentation, phytochemistry, green extraction, biomimicry and microbiota.

His scientific discoveries have enabled him to unveil a new generation of active ingredients for cosmetics. A new systemic approach where they take a step up to treat the skin as a whole, which integrates for the first time a metaproteomic study, focused on the specific function of each cellular protein that will help improve the conditions of dry and dehydrated skin via a boost of hyaluronic acid and skin lipids. A great first for cosmetics.

Greentech believes that ecosystems should be studied as a whole, focusing on the interconnections between their different components rather than on the individual parts. To go even further than a simple study of the microbiota on one side and the skin on the other, the study of the holobiont provides a holistic view of the interactions between the skin and its microbial ecosystem. With age and loss of hydration, its study shows that these interactions evolve and tend to diminish and slow down. In addition to an in-depth hydra-restructuring action, it is this skin/microbiota relationship that Greentech studies and boosts with HOLOBIOSYS®. For a revitalized, healthy and harmonious holobiont.

Understanding and mastering the holobiont is a scientific success for Greentech. An innovation that advances science and opens the field of possibilities for new, more specific, more durable and increasingly effective skin care products.

Holobiosys: to counteract skin dryness and smooth wrinkles

To counter dehydration (lack of water) and dryness (lack of lipids) of the skin, Holobiosys boosts the synthesis of hyaluronic acid (HA) in both the epidermis and the dermis. It also stimulates the HA CD44 receptor and its signaling cascade allowing the reinforcement of the epidermal barrier. Tight junction and differentiation markers are upregulated as well as lipid synthesis in keratinocytes for a more cohesive epidermis capable of retaining the skin's water content. It also stimulates the expression of markers of the dermal-epidermal junction for a better diffusion of HA-related water within the skin. Finally, cellular antioxidant responses are up-regulated in both keratinocytes and fibroblasts, for protection against HA degradation by free radicals.

Clinically tested on volunteers with dehydrated skin, Holobiosys increases the skin's hydration index after 28 days of application at 1% compared to placebo and smoothes wrinkles. It also protects the hydrolipidic film and even has a lipid-replenishing effect on a sub-panel with dehydrated and sebum-deficient skin.

Holobiosys: for a rejuvenated and reinvigorated holobiont.

With Holobosys, Greentech's R&D goes further by studying the skin holobiont (the assembly between the skin and its microbiota) with an innovative cutting-edge technology: a metaproteomic study. With age and loss of moisture, Greentech has demonstrated a slowdown in the skin's barrier and antioxidant functions, both of human and microbial origin. By focusing on host/microbiota interactions, Holobiosys stimulates these functions and contributes to a more harmonious and invigorated holobiont, allowing for a deep moisturizing-restructuring action.

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