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Friday, March 31, 2023
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Berkem Group: H²Olixir, new range of 100% natural floral waters

The Berkem Group, a leading player in plant-based chemistry, announces the launch of its new range of 100% natural 97.5% organic floral waters, H2Olixir, intended for the Health and Beauty industries.
H2Olixir is now available in two solutions:

  • Peppermint water: valued for its antioxidant, refreshing and purifying properties, it can be used for face masks, serums, hair creams etc. ;
  • Lemon balm water: valued for its antioxidant, soothing and astringent properties, it can be used for skin care, hair, deodorants, etc.

This new range is the result of the desiccation process aimed at drying plants to extract the water contained in them, preserving the benefits of the original plants. By this method, the new range of floral waters is said to be upcycled, from organic farming, certified Cosmetic Organic and natural Standard – Cosmos (Organic and Natural Cosmetics) and respectful of seasonal cycles.

With this launch of a range of 100% natural to 97.5% organic solutions, Berkem Group intends to meet the expectations of cosmetics manufacturers, who are asking for ever more naturalness to integrate into their conventional solutions. The H2Olixir range is set to extend to other plants with beneficial properties for cosmetic products.

Charlène Martin, Marketing Manager of Berkem, a subsidiary of Groupe Berkem explains: "Groupe Berkem is constantly looking for new plant extracts to meet the growing needs of the Health, Beauty & Nutrition business unit in terms of naturalness. This is why we are proud to offer today on the cosmetics market H2Olixir, our new range of 100% natural floral waters, derived from peppermint and lemon balm plants. Their refreshing, antioxidant and purifying properties assert themselves in cosmetic products with multiple uses while improving their biological and natural percentage. »

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