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Saturday September 30, 2023
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Seppic and Botalys sign a co-development and distribution partnership

Seppic, a subsidiary of Air Liquide Healthcare, and Botalys, a Belgian start-up specializing in the cultivation of rare and medicinal plants, have signed a research partnership for the co-development of new ingredients for the cosmetics and health markets, as well as distribution contracts in various markets and geographies, for Botalys products derived from Ginseng.

To meet growing demand from the cosmetics and nutraceutical industries for performance and naturalness, Seppic and Botalys have joined forces to offer high-quality ingredients to cosmetics and health product manufacturers.

Botalys has developed an innovative soil-less vertical farming technology to produce ultra-pure, high-performance botanical ingredients. Botalys supplies ingredients and medicinal plants to a multitude of customers and partners in the cosmetics, dietary supplements and pharmaceutical sectors.

Hannes Moeller, Managing Director of Seppic, comments: "We are delighted with this new partnership with Botalys. This agreement is fully in line with our corporate strategy of developing natural ingredients based on innovative technologies and distributing exclusive, high-performance ingredients for the cosmetics and dietary supplements markets, while strengthening our position in the development of new supply chains."

Pierre-Antoine Mariage, Managing Director of Botalys, adds: " The partnership with Seppic is a source of great enthusiasm for the Botalys teams. Our innovative, proprietary precision farming technology is the answer to the need for purity, efficiency and security of supply for many rare medicinal plants. This scientific and commercial partnership outlines the enormous potential of this technology for the nutraceutical and cosmetics industries.. " 

This partnership follows the announcement on September 29 by Aliad, the Air Liquide Group's venture capital fund, of its investment in Botalys, in line with its strategy of taking positions in impact start-ups. The investment was accompanied by a co-development and distribution agreement between Seppic and Botalys. Through its international network, Seppic is particularly well placed to add significant value to Botalys' business development efforts.

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