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Thursday, September 29, 2022
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HNP Mikrosysteme very present in microencapsulation


In its latest issue (n° 35 September 2022), the journal Industries Cosmétiques published an article entitled "pumps and microencapsulation" in which errors have crept in. Below we propose the full and compliant version of this article. We obviously apologize to our readers as well as to the manufacturer.

Microencapsulation is becoming increasingly important in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industries.

Mikrosysteme HNP mzr micropumps are optimal for microencapsulation because they meet the special requirements of dynamic, fine, constant dosing, with low pulsations and shear tensions. Indeed, the necessary condition for the manufacture of microcapsules is the use of extremely precise and repeatable dosing techniques. These micropumps thus provide a safe and appropriate technical solution for the manufacture of beads or beads coating the active ingredients.

Several parameters are required to produce identical quality microcapsules. The accuracy of the flow rate, for which the manufacturer announces a tolerance of less than 1%, is therefore essential for the quality of these capsules. Regarding the viscosity, that of the capsule shell is often greater than 10,000 mPas, which Mikrosysteme HNP pumps manage perfectly since they can go up to viscosities of 1,000,000 mPas.

In addition, the manufacturer's pumps operate without shear tensions, which ensures that the fluid is not damaged and that the cells or suspensions remain intact.

Pumps such as the mzr-11508 or the mzr-6305 are therefore suitable for the production of microcapsules. These two pumps can also be heated.

In addition, HNP Mikrosysteme produces other pumps and several dosing systems. The manufacturer's range makes it possible to carry out assays from 0.25 μl and volumetric flow rates from 1 μl/h to 1,152 ml/min. In research laboratories or in production, its fluidic solutions make it possible to treat liquids of a very different nature or texture, weakly or strongly viscous, little or very aggressive, lubricating or not, mono or multiphase at very low and very high temperatures and pressures.

HNPM also manufactures customized fluidic systems.

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