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Saturday, November 26, 2022
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Guerlain becomes a member of the UEBT association

Established in 2007, the non-governmental organization UEBT is internationally recognized for its standard that defines ethical sourcing practices for ingredients derived from biodiversity. As a member of the UEBT, Maison Guerlain is committed to sourcing with respect for people and biodiversity. As part of this accession, we are setting targets and improving our supply in accordance with the UEBT standard, both from an ethical point of view and from the point of view of respect for biodiversity. That a luxury house like Guerlain follows this virtuous path today is a strong signal.

A commitment to social and environmental progress

Since 1828, Nature has been the source of inspiration for Guerlain products. Over time, "Preserving Biodiversity" has naturally established itself as one of the pillars of its sustainable commitment. By initiating an audit process to become a member of the UEBT, the House is taking a new step. Each of its 40 most emblematic sectors will be verified. Like the one in Calabria, Italy, allowing Guerlain to source bergamot, tangerine or eroli, or those in Turkish Isparta and Kazanlak in Bulgaria, which provide the House with the most beautiful roses in Damascus.
Sustainable development improvement plans will be deployed so that, with each supplier, each producer, Guerlain always goes further in an ethical and ecological sourcing of its natural materials. Thanks to this continuous improvement approach, Maison Guerlain aims to certify its sectors with the UEBT standard by 2026.

UEBT certification requires practices that respect biodiversity, reduce biodiversity loss, and protect the rights of workers and communities.

Since the creation of Guerlain, raw materials have been a source of inspiration and innovation for our House. Committing to the protection of biodiversity is therefore obvious for the quality and sustainability of our creations and our know-how while returning to Nature what it offers us. We are delighted to go further today in this engagement with the UEBT which allows us to place our actions in line with the new expectations of the Company, our clients, all backed by ambitious objectives. The UEBT standard covers social, ecological but also economic criteria. Meeting these criteria means taking an active part in preserving the diversity of our ecosystems while helping people around the world to lead dignified and healthy lives. Cecile Lochard – Director of Sustainable Development at Guerlain.

It's wonderful to see such a major luxury brand express its commitment to ethical sourcing that respects people and biodiversity. By committing to improving its sourcing of ingredients from nature in accordance with an internationally recognized standard, Guerlain is at the forefront of its sector. The House thus meets the ever-increasing expectations of today's consumers that brands should protect biodiversity as well as the communities where raw materials are grown and collected. Rik Kutsch Lojenga – Executive Director of uebt.

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