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How to identify cosmetics?

Inspirational ideas for brands and retailers to unlock supply chain transparency and deliver seamless shopping experiences will be on show. !

Avery Dennison will be presenting its new digital identification technologies at Cosmetic360 in Paris, on October 12 and 13 at the Carrousel du Louvre (stand DC65). These offer the beauty and personal care industry end-to-end supply chain connectivity, transparency and traceability.

The cosmetics industry is undergoing considerable change, and expectations are constantly evolving. Today, technology offers a solution that enables supply chains to be more efficient, with better inventory visibility and richer customer experiences. By assigning individual products a unique identity, Avery Dennison's digital identification solutions such as RFID, QR code, NFC and low-energy bluetooth, powered by the connected products cloud, atma.io, open up vast opportunities for digital retail and supply chain management.
As supply chains are set to become even more complex in the future, investing in digital identification technologies now will yield long-term results, such as minimizing overproduction, reducing waste, and increasing sales and productivity. "explains Maryna Grytsenko, European Beauty and Personal Care Market Development Manager at Avery Dennison Smartrac. 
Beauty and personal care brands are no strangers to the challenge of inventory management. In fact, the segment is arguably facing the retail industry's biggest opportunity for improvement. Avery Dennison's atma.io digital identifiers and connected product cloud establish a single source of truth that brands can trust. They offer an extra level of authenticity and traceability throughout a product's journey: from manufacture to shelf and beyond. This is precisely the level of transparency the beauty industry needs, both from a regulatory point of view and in terms of consumer demand.

" At Cosmetic360, we look forward to demonstrating how this versatile technology can enable beauty and personal care retailers and brands to improve their operational efficiency and better understand their supply chains. "says Maryna Grytsenko.

In addition to transparency, traceability and stock accuracy, technologies such as NFC and QR codes, powered by atma.io, enable richer interactions between consumers and brands and their products beyond the point of sale.

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