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Scentys unveils its new visual identity

With its new logo and signature, the airborne fragrance expert proclaims its commitment to technological excellence in the service of perfume.

Scentys, the French expert in air fragrance diffusion for twenty years, today unveils its new visual identity: new logo, new colors, new signature and new typography.

" This new graphic identity has been built around the fundamental values of Scentys: respect, excellence and innovation. "explains Pierre Loustric, Chairman of Scentys. " It perfectly reflects our vision: to give perfume the central place it rightfully deserves in our lives. ".

Scentys called on the Paris Heure Locale agency, which was able to respond perfectly to its brief: to express the luxurious side of perfume while highlighting the company's technological expertise.

" Paris Heure Locale's creative team succeeded brilliantly in transcribing our DNA by drawing inspiration from our capsule for the design of this new logo, illustrating our technological excellence. "comments Pierre Loustric. " As for the exclusive typography they've also created for us, with its sober lines, it exudes an elegant, refined atmosphere, perfectly in tune with the sensory worlds we're committed to creating for our customers. ".

Finally, the baseline "Excellence in Fragrance Diffusion" fully reflects the commitment made by Scentys since its creation: to provide its customers with the very best in diffusion technology to ensure excellence in the service of fragrance.

The new Scentys visual identity is now deployed on the company's website, available in French and English.

This development marks a new strategic step for the company, a few months after the opening of its first foreign subsidiary. Last March, Scentys announced the creation of Scentys Inc, its U.S. office, based in New York. Headed by Loïc Remoussenard, this new entity offers innovative solutions and customized service in line with the trends and needs of the American market - a strategic market due to its size, dynamism and the presence of multinational perfume companies.

Last May, Scentys also set up a brand-new Fragrance department, headed by Maxime Philippe-Bonelli, winner of the SFP International Perfumer-Creator Prize in 2021.

This department is responsible for developing home fragrances for its customers; bringing its own fragrance collection to life, ensuring that it evolves with the seasons and trends; working hand-in-hand with its customers to help them adapt their fragrances to Scentys diffusion technology; ensuring, in collaboration with the R&D teams, olfactory evaluation to maintain Scentys' exclusive level of quality at all times; and proposing innovations such as natural 100% fragrances.

Scentys has always strived for excellence in the service of fragrance, by providing the very best in diffusion technology. Our exclusive fragrance diffusion processes are the subject of several technological patents.

Back in 2005, the company developed an exclusive dry diffusion solution by encapsulating a pure perfume concentrate in polymer beads. These small beads are held in a capsule which, when integrated into a diffuser, releases subtle wafts of fragrance. This technology, which meets the most stringent international regulatory requirements, guarantees cold diffusion, with no added solvent or alcohol, and no afterglow. Fragrances diffused using this process are delivered with optimum efficiency, which has convinced major brands such as Diptyque and Jo Malone.

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