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ID Scent presents its new visual identity

ID Scent is strengthening its image by unveiling - since the end of 2017 - a brand new visual identity and thus consolidating its position as a benchmark in the market for the manufacture and marketing of scented products.

A new, more modern and graphic identity - designed by the Zebrand agency - for this olfactory marketing specialist, which now conveys more clearly its four core businesses:

- ID Scent Sampling, manufacture of perfume samples, scented blotters...
- ID Scent Gifts,scented gifts manufacturing
- ID Scent Lab, olfactory identity creation
- ID Scent Event, indoors/outdoors fragrance diffuser, interactive workshops

With this new visual identity, resolutely focused on the future, ID Scent is changing the fundamentals of its brand while remaining true to its values, present since its creation.
Reworked fonts, more modern visuals, powdered colors for a lighter feel, a sleeker logo - ID Scent's visual identity is getting a makeover. The new logo features an illustration of the i and D of ID Scent. The letters form a bottle to express the company's ongoing innovation in olfactory technologies and identities. iD and Scent have been spaced out for greater legibility.
"Strong growth, new technologies, a reinforced team...As a benchmark player in premium packaging, we wanted to evolve our visual identity to correspond even more closely to our customers' expectations," explains Maxime Caffon, Associate Director of ID Scent.

This new visual identity, which combines simplicity and modernity, has already been applied to all the company's communication tools, starting with its new website: www.idscent.net and reinforces ID Scent's professional, high-quality image.

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