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Imerys unveils new mineral solutions at in-Cosmetics Global

French company Imerys, a global supplier of specialty mineral solutions for industry, is presenting its portfolio of sustainable solutions for cosmetics formulators at in-Cosmetics Global (Paris, April 16-18, 2024), including two new products.

Consumers now want to buy personal care products formulated with natural and organic ingredients from sources that are both transparent and sustainable. What's more, consumers and formulators alike are looking to simplify their beauty routines and products through a "less is more" approach that favors simple all-in-one solutions containing fewer - and less controversial - ingredients that, while effective, also perform multiple functions.

At in-Cosmetics Global, Imerys is exhibiting its range of mineral solutions derived from ground calcium carbonate, diatomaceous earth, kaolin, mica, perlite and talc, designed to help cosmetics formulators meet the evolving needs of the personal care industry and the preferences of today's consumers. 

New products

New products unveiled in Paris include make-up and hand-wash products.

Cosmos-certified, ImerCare 400D is a new mattifying agent for lipsticks, designed as a natural 100 % alternative to synthetic silica. Based on microporous diatomaceous earth, ImerCare 400D demonstrates superior absorption according to Imerys, offering a natural mattifying effect in lipsticks, as well as good sensory properties and thermal stability.

ImerCare SandyScrub provides gentle exfoliation in hand soaps used in industrial environments such as garages and workshops. ImerCare SandyScrub, volcanic rock for industrial hand scrubs, is produced from natural volcanic rock, and is backed by a secure supply chain and microbiological compliance. 

Pioneer solutions

Imerys is also presenting "Pioneer" products for cosmetic applications at in-Cosmetics. Gentle on the skin, they are made from ingredients of natural origin, durable and transparent.

● ImerCare Matte is a Cosmos-certified white kaolin solution for achieving a superior, nude matte effect in gels and creams, liquid foundations and pressed powders. ImerCare Matte kaolin is a natural 100 % alternative to synthetic mattifying agents such as nylon and polyethylene powders and polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA).

● Cosmos-certified, ImerCare 6M is a multifunctional technical mica solution for providing superior cohesion as well as transparency and luminosity in pressed powders. ImerCare 6M comes from Imerys' Breton site in Ploemeur (France). The company, which owns the site, is able to guarantee the product's transparency and complete traceability within the EU, thus meeting the demand for responsible sourcing of ingredients.

● ImerCare 400D, a Cosmos-certified microporous diatomaceous earth, is a highly effective absorption agent in deodorants and antiperspirants. ImerCare 400D meets the growing demand for aluminum-salt-free deodorant formulations that both absorb sweat and control body odor while being gentle on the skin.

● ImerCare Blur is a patented, Cosmos-certified, calcium carbonate-based product of natural origin, specifically designed to confer both a mattifying and a soft focus effect in powders and anhydrous products. ImerCare Blur has been designed as a natural alternative to synthetic ingredients such as synthetic silica, nylon and PMMA used to mattify cosmetics.

● ImerCare P-Scrub is a technical perlite, derived from natural volcanic rocks, designed as an effective ecological alternative to the polymer microbeads used in face and body scrubs. The ImerCare P-Scrub range is available in a wide range of particle sizes, designed to provide just the right exfoliating effect in face, body and foot scrubs, and anti-dandruff shampoos. "This range is perfectly in line with market demand and regulatory requirements for plastic-free cosmetics.says Imerys.

Introduced in 2021, the Pioneer rating is an integral part of Imerys' internal SustainAgility Solutions Assessment (SSA) program, which is used to measure the social and environmental footprint of its products from birth to end of life. The SSA is based on a "robust and standardized Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) method that provides objective, reliable and specific data." It enables customers to make informed choices when selecting Imerys products. 

Photo: Annette / Pixabay

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