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Sunday, September 25, 2022
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Impag France strengthens its offer thanks to Prodotti Gianni


Impag France, a subsidiary of the Impag group, specializing in the distribution of raw materials for the cosmetics, chemical and food industry, is strengthening its range of specialty ingredients thanks to a new partnership concluded with the company Prodotti Gianni.

Prodotti Gianni is an Italian company, founded in 1948 in Milan, which operates in the distribution of raw materials and specializes in the field of make-up. The company offers a wide range of pigments, colored dispersions as well as texturizing powders. Thanks to an application laboratory fully equipped for the formulation of colored products, Prodotti Gianni offers advanced technical support and numerous proposals for innovative formulations.

Impag France, for its part, offers a range of varied cosmetic ingredients: functional ingredients (emulsifiers, surfactants, etc.), touch and complexion control agents, sun filters, active ingredients for the skin and hair.

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